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  • Andrew Fowler - Great Product

    I bought this case to replace my bulky Otterbox commuter case. Although it has less protection, the aesthetics make up for that. The only complaint I have is the scratches on the back from your pocket etc..become a lot more visible because it's white, which I expected. It's not a big deal, I'm just being a little picky. Overall, a real great looking case with the perfect balance of protection and looks.

  • C. Nixon - Works wonders...even for relaxed hair!!

    This product is wonderful!!! I used it like everyone else and sat under the dryer until it was hard. Then rinsed it out and immediately felt the difference in my hair. Soft, shiny, silky, and much much stronger.

  • Christy Frink - Life-saver.

    My sweet, seemingly well-adjusted rescue kitty suddenly started pooping all over the house a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what to do. I took her to the vet immediately to rule out any medical issues, but the vet insisted it was anxiety-related or behavioral and offered to put her on kitty Prosac. Determined to eliminate the anxiety at its source, I'd seen some feral cats lurking outside the house at night, so my next step was to set humane traps and have the landlord close up the crawl space. Didn't help. Got a second litter box at the other end of the house. Didn't help. Put up sight-blinders on the lower halves of my windows. Didn't help. Finally I ordered one of these Comfort Zone diffusers in hopes that it might neutralize whatever she was smelling or sensing, and it fixed the problem immediately: As in, she had not pooped in the box for two solid weeks until I plugged one of these in, at which point she waltzed directly to her litter box and did her thing like a pro.

  • Werner Tuttle - This is an amazing resource getting you up and meditating right away!

    I was amazed at just how well this book worked for me. I always thought meditation would be really hard to learn. It seems like you need serious concentration ability and special powers to do it right. Well, this book takes away those barriers and shows you how you can jump right in and start making progress right away. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The benefits of it are huge and hit just about every part of your life. I feel so much more relaxed, less stress, and more energy after starting this!

  • Scott - Outlook contunues to evolve

    I bought Outlook 2010 to replace an older version that kept hanging up with email. This version is an overall modest improvement and somewhat easier to use than the previous edition. It installed without difficulty and recovered all existing files and addresses. Overall, I am very satisfied. The price, however, seems excessive and I do not understand why it was not included in the Office package.

  • Iryna - Great supplement my husband is taking it daily

    Great supplement my husband is taking it daily. Love it. This particular brand complete lutein, bilberry and zinc. Which supports: clear healthy vision, antioxidant for eyes, cardiovascular health.

  • L Jones - Andis 29775

    I was very impressed with the quality. They seem to be for professionals. The cut is very close and smooth. There was no pinching or cutting the skin. I would classify them as trimmers and close cut clippers.