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  • John Doe - Extremely small

    The product is extremely small, making it too small to pick up radio signals. I thought it was a bit bigger, but seriously, the antenna is about 3 or maybe even 4 inches long. Not long enough to pick up signals, but I am to blame for that I guess. I will have to go back and look at the product description, but the picture made it seem like it was longer then what it really is.

  • was_a_guru - Reasonably Functional But Could Be Better

    For $40.00 (purchased from Woot) I can’t complain too much as it is reasonably functional, but not without a few issues.

  • Brian - If you use attachments move on

    I've been shaving my own head once a week with a Wahl contour for 8 years. During that time I had 3 boys that I also cut their hair using the 1/8 and 1/4 attachment. The motor finally pooped out so I looked online and ended up with this Andis. I'm gonna make a long story short. this thing is great if your never gonna use an attachment and your only gonna use it for 5min. It is one step below horrible at cutting with attachments and it gets very very hot after about 5-10min. I'm talking 3rd degree burn hot. With my old one I could cut mine and my three boys hair all in one sitting, but with this I have to stop half way through one head just to let it cool down. This is junk and I would throw it if it was still in one piece, but it burnt my hand for the last time yesterday and I smashed this crap on my driveway.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect! I have no complaints

    DO NOT BLAME SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD DIFFICULTIES ON THE SOFTWARE!!! I was planning to actually time the download process and the software loaded so quickly that I never had the chance to do so. You might want to inquire with your Internet provider to find out what download speed they are providing to you and make sure you have no issues there (I have a cable connection). In about two minutes the program was fully downloaded to my computer. A click of my mouse and voila, the program opened on my monitor and I started testing it out. Perfect! I have no complaints. I was familiar with a very old version of Microsoft Publisher and was leery. . . after all of the bad reviews I had read, but I am happy to report that I have used this 2013 version for several days now and love it!

  • Bumpkin - Pretty good!

    At FIRST, the volume buttons worked great, but after a half dozen uses, they quit. However I still use them, because I can still control the volume through my computer's volume. These don't pick up well when I move into the other room away from my computer. While there is a wall between us, its only about 20 ft distance. However, in the same room, they pick up really well. I am not affiliated with any manufacturer nor offered any discounts for a review.

  • Donna Rice - Excited!

    I ordered this as a gift for my brother who is almost an addict to MTG. He absolutely loved the cards, and so did I. I have no complaints, neither does he. I recommend this to any MTG player!

  • Cloud Lonesky - It's okay, the five star reviewers seem plant-like....

    I have to wonder how many of those five star reviews are just plants especially when they mention how they received the product for free for writing the review(how did they do that?). As for me, I paid $35 for this and it's rather expensive considering the size you're getting.