Fisioterapia Marlene Müller - Fisioterapeuta graduada pela 1ª turma do IPA (1983) (POA), responsável técnica pelo Fisiocamaquã – Centro de Fisioterapia e Reabilitação – que conta com uma equipe de fisioterapeutas que oferece atendimento ambulatorial nas áreas de ortopedia/traumatologia /reumatologia/neurologia e reabilitação pulmonar e atendimento hospitalar na cidade de Camaquã (à 130km de POA), e em Porto Alegre Consultório de Fisioterapia da Coluna Vertebral.

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry - A timeless business classic

    "The Goal" is without a doubt one of the most important business books ever written, and everyone who's serious about learning business would do well to read it. I am thinking of asking my business school alma mater for a tuition refund because they did not make it mandatory reading.

  • tanifeliz - fast and bright whitening

    This teeth whitening kit whitened my teeth extremely well and fast. I noticed the most dramatic change after my first application. I drink coffee regularly and drink soda on weekends. The kit came with fill trays that molded comfortably to my teeth. It was fairly easy to do the whitening process; the instructions were easy to follow. I had no tooth sensitivity, which was great! I was afraid of being sensitive to the gel. I used this everyday for 3 days or 3 treatments. I used small amounts and Q tip was helpful so that the gel did not touch my gums. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

  • Chubby - Lipozene works IF your problem is overeating!

    I honestly didn't anything would come of trying Lipozene - because everyone says diet pills don't work. I'm a person who is overweight because I'm an emotional eater and when I go through rough patches in life, I'm ALWAYS hungry. The weight just keeps piling on because I'm always hungry. I do exercise almost every day, but the exercise doesn't do much when my calorie intake is so high. I didn't do any research on Lipozene prior to buying it. I found it in my mom's house (sometimes she leaves things there for me to 'find') and thought, 'what the hell, trying can't hurt.' I wasn't actually sure what it was supposed to do, I just knew I had seen the commercials. I didn't want to waste pills, so I've only been taking one dose(two tablets) a day. I noticed that I was going hours and hours between eating - I was hardly hungry (compared to my normal appetite) I'd have a meal at 6 or 7 and I could go the rest of the night without food (12, 1 a.m) So there has been a great deal of change in my appetite since taking Lipozene. In the last week, I've eaten half of what I'm used to. I'll post another review once the bottles are gone, hopefully by then I'll be SEEING the results too!