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  • Amazon Customer - I am TRULY disappointed in this DVD

    I am TRULY disappointed in this DVD!!! As a Penguins fan, I was excited as hell to get this in my hands. Unfortunately, I would have preferred that they wait a couple of more months and actually put out a decent product than putting out this item that was OBVIOUSLY rushed to market! The main feature of this DVD is only 65 minutes long and none of the 'special features' are longer than 3:45 long. By way of comparison, the 2009 Stanley Cup DVD main feature is over 100 minutes long with several of the special features clocking in at over 15 minutes plus. Additionally, the 2009 disc includes a lot of the players days with the cup, etc. With the exception of the first ten minutes about the regular season, this disc has NOTHING but short recaps of each game in the playoff series and VERY short on-ice and locker room celebrations. Just a compete disappointment!

  • Myra Jo McCallie - it's okay

    it's ok -- left me hungry--- it just didn't work for me .. but i have friends that did great on it. I think you just have to find the product that works for you individually and this was not for me.

  • Carl W. Grubbs - My new Microsoft Publisher 2010

    Ever since purchasing my new computer that contained Microsoft Student, I had wished that I had paid the extra and gotten Microsoft Office. Finally, while doing some graphics for a class reunion, I purchased the remaining main component, Microsoft Publisher 2010. It does everything that I had hoped it would and it nestled right into my package so that it is available from every other Microsoft program. It is a wonderful addition and the price was actually less than I would have paid had I purchaced it in the beginning.