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  • Janet M. Berwick - DO NOT BUY

    I am going to attempt to warn anyone thinking of buying WWE vs Smackdown video games. I have owned a few and I have not learned to avoid them because I keep hoping I will get a copy that does not freeze, or glitch. Every game I have bought has either froze, glitched at points, or the cd itself broke somehow (grinding inside my xbox). I know my xbox is not broken as I play other games on it no problem, however for some reason, Smackdown games just never work properly. My latest problem is being unable to complete the wrestlemania stories as the game freezes at the same point each and every time and causes me to restart the xbox. Also, my game will randomly begin to lag, and this is extremely confusing to me since I will not even be plugged into the internet. However, for whatever reason, the game itself lags! I think WWE should just stick to wrestling on tv and not push for their business to turn into video games. I bought about 3 copies (all new) of Smackdown 2009 and they all broke within a month and less of play time. I recently bought Smackdown 2010 and within 4 days, yes 4 days, it broke on me. I do not understand it but I will NEVER purchase wrestling games EVER again. The games are all defective.

  • J. Biener - Great Book

    Heading toward SS and Medicare. Don't make any decisions until you have this book. Easy explanations and examples, well written, use as reference book. One serious piece of work, well done!

  • VirtualGeorge - Tastes like dessert, not tacos, waaaaaaay to sweet...

    This made terrible taco's unless your having them for dessert. It is way to sweet, I have never had sweet tacos???

  • Kyle - ... container of brake fluid and it was only marginally better than what i had in my vehicle

    It seems to function but i checked an unopened container of brake fluid and it was only marginally better than what i had in my vehicle.

  • *Bling-Bling* - Learning to play guitar and bass has never been so much fun and easy.

    UBI Soft hit this installment right on the mark as it is definitely an improvement from its predecessor. The concept of learning how to play guitar and bass is still the same (which is a good thing). And just like the previous installments, it is highly recommended to play this game with a multi-channel amplifier for best results. Another huge plus, DLC music tracks are constantly being added about every other week so you're guaranteed to find music you love.

  • padj650 - Fantastic TV for a Great Price

    I bought this as a gaming tv/computer monitor for my bedroom (the room is small - my viewing distance varies between 4-7 feet) and boy was it an upgrade over my old 23 inch monitor. At first I was overwhelmed by the size and picture clarity, but its a perfect TV for a small room with a gaming console. In the factory default APS setting my XBox One running GTA looked very grainy, but once I changed the picture setting to gaming mode it was great. Cinema also works well if you change frequently between computer and gaming.