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FMF blog - A conversation about Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF), a genetic disease that afflicts (and unites) Armenians, Turks, Arabs and Jews

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  • Steven A. Malinowski - I used One Lube on the bathroom door years ago ...

    I used One Lube on the bathroom door years ago. For years afterwards the door would close itself under force of gravity. Nothing else I tried would cause that (due to exceptional lubrication). It got rid of the squeaks, too. I'd use it on cabinet hinges for squeak-free results. I now plan to use it to lubricate my motorcycle cables and motorcycle drive chain.

  • khosein - ... of all the rest that has held up the best. My kids have had their Leap Pad for ...

    The Leap Pad has been the one game system out of all the rest that has held up the best. My kids have had their Leap Pad for at least 4 years. There are many games for this system that range for age 3 to 9 years of age so this system can be used for many years. After 4 years of rough play by my son his is finally starting to give out. I guess my son taps very hard on the screen with the pen that comes with it so the bottom half of the screen is almost blank. Even thought my kids have had this already for many years they still love to play with it so we are planning on buying them the newer version this year.

  • kiki49k - Seeing better with herbal vision

    I bought these for my dad. I remember buying the same herbal treatment for my mom a few years back and this product works amazing. It keeps the eyes lubricated when eyes are dry & itchy. Helps with allergies and watery eyes. It's a capsule making it easy to swallow and digest. Dads says everything looks brighter and clearer. It's working and my 88 year old Father is happy so that's all I need! I highly recommend for anyone suffering with eye problems.

  • Wilfredo Vargas jr - Tried it for a month .

    Tried this product for a month . I was not satisfied with it . It seemed way to harsh on my skin plus the BP had me breaking out a lot more then usual and leaving me with more scares on my face . As soon as I stopped using this product my face seemed be much better with controlling my breakouts . I did everything like the directions asked of this product and had to even cut back alil cause of the excessive drying it causes on my face and I still would breakout bad using this product so needless to say I went back to my noxema I use morning and at night . I know everyone's skin is different. Good Luck .

  • Helen Walden - Great Cleaner

    After using every stool softener, prescription or otherwise - this turned out to be the best at staying regular.

  • Amazon Customer - Quick solution to an irritating problem

    My new truck's OEM antenna was hitting the garage door every time I pulled in or backed out. I found reference to this antenna online and for $25 figured it would be worth a try. It was a quick, easy swap to remove the OEM antenna and replace it with this one. Now my antenna clears my garage door without scraping. I also have not noticed any issues with reception for local radio, satellite radio, OnStar, or GPS navigation.