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    City: 37.6068 , Russia

  • Dixie Schweitzer - Finding Love Just Across the Hall

    I admit that I am not the most impartial of readers when it comes to Debbie Macomber Christmas novels. I have been reading them for years and eagerly await each year's volume. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to voluntarily read an advanced reading copy from Netgalley.

  • Anna - Works great!

    For years, I had been looking for a shampoo/conditioner that would keep my hair from shedding so much. I literally used to pull out wads of hair! Since I've been using this, I shed WAY LESS. For the price, I think it is definitely worth it. (: The conditioner makes my hair so soft and easy to brush, which makes for less damage to my hair.

  • Kelly - Reduced fine lines after a week.

    I've been using the twice a day for a little over a week and the fine lines around my eyes are greatly reduced. I feel with eye creams I've used in the past that they moisturize the area but by 5 o clock I look like I've used nothing at all. This cream kept my eye area hydrated well after I needed my workday. My crows feet and eyelid wrinkles are much lighter now. I know nothing noninvasive will take them away completely but this cream has definitely made them less apparent.

  • Rosemary Thornton - Oh swell, when the world ends, we're gonna save *all* the politicians.

    So, when the world ends, it's the politicians and bureaucrats that we're gonna save, and the writers and the artists and the spiritual leaders are left behind to deal with the apocalypse. That was the most depressing element of the movie. What will the world look like if we only save the "important people" in Washington? Heaven help us. Seriously. If the future world is to be populated with the slimy-dog politicians and their ilk, I think I'll take my chances with eternal life, thank you very much.

  • Hope Evans - they are happy to sell you knives

    Cutco is an absolute joke. They will sell you their knives and promise to sharpen and service the knives for free. However, when you actually try to obtain this service, you will find yourself on an endless trail of phone calls trying to track down someone who will come service your knives. Simply put, they are happy to sell you knives, but you will never be able to get anyone to service them despite their "free sharpening guarantee." This company is a scam.

  • Amazon Customer - Beware... inferior product with a pathetic warranty from Lenovo

    BEWARE. This is an inferior product, and the Lenovo warranty is the shortest I've ever seen. I ordered my Lenovo Stick 300 on April 12. When I checked warranty status with Lenovo USA on May 23rd the status was "expired". My stick PC shuts itself off without warning several times each day. I'm going to run the Windows 10 backup and "retire" this piece of junk, but not before I let as many people as possible know that this is trash to be avoided.