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  • mini_hakr - Not what I expected but ..

    So there aren't any quick fixes for nail fungus ... although the packaging on this item states noticeable improvement within 2 weeks. I personally didn't see a noticeable improvement within 2 weeks. That being said - I've stuck with the treatment now for 6 weeks - applying every morning after my shower and allowing to dry for 20-30 minutes before putting my socks and shoes on. The instructions recommend to apply at bedtime.

  • Outlander26 - These really help.

    I have been using these for years to help control my chronic cystitis. As an RN I will also go out on a limb here and recommend them to anyone who suffers from the same, after you get clearance from your doctor first of course. I personally haven't had a single UTI since I started taking them daily. I like ordering them from Amazon because my local stores only have them sporadically I really can't do without them. I wish Amazon would put them on their pantry or subscribe and save options so they would just show up and ease my mind about being able to get them.

  • Miguel E. Tersy - A delightful book

    This is s book for I Love Lucy fans. Desi and Lucy were indeed television's power couple. While the public saw them as the ideal couple their private lives was a different story. I highly recommend it.

  • Natasha - Awesome read

    You really being to feel Sophie's panic and the accusations against Cassie growing inside her mind. Great read. Kept me guessing all the way through. I usually can figure out who done it but not with this book. Definitely recommend.

  • Dutch - Excellent champage guide - you won't regret buying it!

    Excellent guide for champagne lovers. As in any champagne book you won't find all brands and releases - probably it's not feasible or practical. However you'll find most of popular (in the US) brands and more. Strong sides: