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  • Amazon Customer - I was shocked to learn it was cheaper at the local pet shop but I was happy to support a local business and save money

    Based on cost I chose to return this and get them at a local pet shop who has a deal with the manufacturer and can get the same size bag for 1/2 the cost on amazon. I was shocked to learn it was cheaper at the local pet shop but I was happy to support a local business and save money.

  • hiredgoon - Excellent Hiking Boots

    I'm going to be doing some major traveling in all kind of conditions, mostly warmer/tropical, with lots of walking, hiking, and likely encountering wet seasons. I wanted a boot that didn't look like a hiking boot that could take the place of sneakers/hiking shoes and going out/casual shoes/boots. These and a pair of Sorley boots were the only ones I could find that come close. These are pretty sharp looking, super comfortable, incredibly lightweight, and the waterproofing doesn't seem to stifle your feet. These come in both mid and low cut. I opted for the mids for extra ankle support plus I find them easier to deal with when wearing long pants. Great support and you can take out the insole to put in your own if you want or it wears out and the rest of the boots are still in solid shape.

  • G. Mattek - Nice and easy

    I haven't used the book at all (maybe I'll get around to paging through it some day), but the software made an otherwise arduous task into something that took maybe an hour altogether.

  • Kailey - Don't waste your money

    What a waste of money. The container is cheaply made. It didn't work at all. I feel like I'm just putting water on my eyes

  • Thomas F Olszewski - Don't bother

    I wouldn't say I hate it because it didn't do anything. It claimed to help with menopausal symptoms and to help lose weight. Well, it didn't do what it said it would do anyway. I felt no difference when taking this pill. Save your money!

  • AmberP. from Seattle - So far a great product, with surprising results

    It is always hard to tell with supplements how well they work, but I started taking Liver Support about 2 months ago once I found out from my doctor that my liver was inflamed. I do not drink alcohol so we're in process of figuring out the cause. I have found that I physically feel better since taking the supplements. I am also Type 2 Diabetic, and in my most recent A1C test (last week), my A1C was down to an astounding 5.7! It was 7.2 in November. I have not changed any other habits, and so I think the Liver Support supplements may be helping my blood sugar levels as well as my liver. I will continue to take the supplements unless told otherwise by my doctor.