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  • Bart L. Schairer - Excellent for teaching yourself Access

    I'm a couple of years behind writing this review, but I taught myself Access with just this book. Since then I'm a database maniac - I wish I had learned it earlier. This book is laid out well and fairly easy to use - something I can't say for all software manuals. For that matter, I've pretty much hated most of the software manuals I've ever used - but I love this one.

  • St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church - The ship-to address was "Canada".

    We received the package. We loaded it. We discovered it would not work with Canadian accounting practices. Turns out, someone sent the USA version to a Canadian customer. Totally useless to us. We are trying to send it back.

  • Joshua S. Taylor - Random Comic Review: Ghostbusters Volume 1

    It's good to be back in the world of the Ghostbusters. I thought this volume was a great introduction back in the Ghostbuster world. The story does take items and ideas from the first two movies, video games, etc. I think this is a good thing. It captures a good bit of nostalgia that affected alot of our childhoods, but also guides the reader into the direction of where this new chapter of the Ghostbuster saga is headed. I think it's a great way to help mend the cap of all the years that the Ghosbusters were vacant from our life. What really caught my eye was the art and the color of this series. I think it's spot on and goes well with the feel of the Ghosbusters franchise. I think it perfectly ties in the fun adventure feeling of the Ghostbusters with being able to still hold that creepy feeling of the ghosts they face. I highly recommend this book for Ghostbuster fanatics or anyone who has enjoyed the movies, or anyone looking for a fun paranormal read with moments of creepiness.

  • Gary Rosenblum - Quality printer, good bang for the buck

    Read the reviews - you really do want to wear a pair of disposable gloves when first setting it up, or anytime you want to add ink. Otherwise you'll end up with mutli-colored thumbs, and ink will drip on other parts or on the table. Tanks hold a great deal of ink. The setup was trivial, including working through the LCD pad to connect to my hidden SSID. Though, took a search to figure out how to switch quickly between numbers and caps. Packing was well done, no wasted space, blue non-gummy painter's tape secured all the moving parts. It does take about 15 mins to calibrate, as advertised. Drivers loaded in a snap (download latest versions from Epson). Online manuals are there, what comes with the package is sparse - SOP for most printers. If you're looking for a whisper-quiet device, this is not it - but heck, it's not a laser printer. It's not cheap, but it will be in the long run in terms of convenience, capacity, ink refill costs, and if you care - "greener". I've purchased several of those sub-$100 printers, where the ink/cartridges/etc. cost 1.5x to 2x the original printer. Decided to go the long-term route. So far over two months, quite happy with the purchase.

  • Hawk71954 - I actually liked it...

    I actually like this....I am one who rarely does her own nails because I love the attention I receive at my fav nail spa for my mani pedi & wax treatments. But I have been known to have to fix a chipped nail from time to time. So before I went to my last nail appointment, I removed my polish in order to give this product a try. After I removed the polish, I put my fav gold color polish bottle into the Tweexy to see if worked as reported. At first it felt a little awkward to me, like the bottle was going to tip out, but it remained firmly snug inside, then I even tipped it over purposely and it held firmly in place. It held varying polish bottle sizes as well. I have relatively small/medium hands and the Tweexy slide on rather easily, but it is adjustable for larger fingers if needed. It was easily transferrable from one hand to the other too. I found it to be soft, flexible and easy to handle. My 6 yr old drama queen granddaughter uses it also, and raves how its easy to use even for her. I would recommend this product for ladies that do their own nails on a regular basis, for sure.

  • Robert - Coin Collecting at it's Finest

    This book is great, to hold all quarters, and when placed in the book, the quarters are secure, and look fantastic from both sides. The plastic is easy to slide in and out, and the book is pretty heavy duty for the weight that will be in it, when completely full.