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  • Julia - Best of luck

    I used this to try to pass a drug test for employment. (Medical) Marijuana user. No other drugs. Female, 5'6, 135 lbs, chronic daily smoker. Stopped using marijuana for about 9 days prior to drug test. Used this after two days of not smoking and tried an at-home drug test. Failed it. Used it for the real test after nine days of not smoking, failed it as well. Although my employers did not care, as I have medical reasons for use, they were unfortunately unable to hire me because they have to abide by federal laws rather than state. I followed the instructions EXACTLY. I chose this product because a male friend of mine has used it twice, both times successfully, to pass drug tests for employment. I'm thinking it works well with some people's bodies and not at all with others. If you're considering using it, try a practice run after at least 2 days of not using. If it doesn't work, ditch it and go another route. Best of luck!

  • thankful Mum - amazing results!!!!

    After having spent "too much money with dermatologist". My 17 year son bought this out of desperation on one of our vacations. The results have been amazing!!!! Unfortunately it is not available where we live so I have to buy it on line.

  • S. Collins - A GREAT Security Suite at a great price . . .

    A REALLY great buy for a great product. We have been using Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete on 3 of the family laptops, for almost a year. I ordered this for my husband's new laptop and to renew our other subscriptions. Webroot is soooo much better than Norton's software. It is less intrusive, working quietly in the background, unlike Nortons, which was always popping up, asking us what to do next. None of us have had a single virus or other issue since we set Webroot up. We ALL highly recommend it!!

  • Lonnie Green Jr. - Not too impressed

    Based on reviews, I purchased because I believed it was a must have. I was wrong. The instructor goes too fast for my liking. Thus I repeatedly have to watch a video over and over to get a good understanding of the topic. The dvd has not really been beneficial to me at all. I could have saved my $50. You won't be "missing" anything like I thought I was. Besides, you can find pretty much the same teachings for free on the web (trust me on this one). You would better be served purchasing a MOS guide in the areas you seek knowledge in. The picture of the box is misleading since it appears you would be getting a bunch of dvds. However that is not the case. It is one dvd that covers all the topics. Disappointed with this purchase.

  • M-Hill - Tried so hard to love it

    I really, really wanted to love this vacuum cleaner and I tried very hard to do so. But, I absolutely hate it. You can not use the hose without tipping the unit over. The dust cup is TINY and the fill line in only about 1/4 of the way up on it, therefore you have to empty the cup constantly.Boy is it a mess to empty, too! The actual base is so small it takes forever to clean a larger room. The center of gravity is also oddly high when you tilt the handle back to vacuum, therefore making the swivel rather awkward for a shorter person to use. The brush gets clogged very easily and it's very hard to clean b/c you can't remove it. The tools will not stay in their storage slots on the unit while it is in use causing me to have to carry them in my pockets if I plan on using them. I wish I had not tried to live with it for so long and missed the return deadline. I would have sent it back.

  • Amazon Customer - this works! -like anything else you do need to ...

    this works! -like anything else you do need to use for a few weeks to notice results, nothing is over night ladies!!