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  • Mogulmeister - BEWARE....Sage50 software is Hostageware

    Through various companies I have been involved with, I have been a continuous user of Peachtree/Sage software since 1997 (almost 20 years). While the underlying software is good enough, what's happened since Sage took control is that they have taken away your ability to maintain the software's tax tables by yourself, let alone use the payroll function unhindered. The software now will only get updated through its maintenance agreement, which is INCREDIBLY expensive and is not included in the purchase price of the software itself. If you don't pay the annual maintenance cost, the software quickly becomes useless both because you can't update the payroll tax tables, and also because the payroll function stops working without the current year's maintenance agreement. Sage has crossed a line with exerting this level of control over how the software is used by customers unless they pay up--and pay up dearly!

  • Amazon Customer - False advertising much?

    No butter needed.. No oil needed.. Yeah, OKAY!... Decided to make myself some eggs yesterday and was looking forward to using my new Gotham Steel... Much to my disappointment, 2 minutes into cooking I go to scramble my eggs and THEY'RE COMPLETELY STUCK TO THE DAMN PAN!!! Seriously?!? I paid $25 plus shipping for this?!? False advertising much?!?

  • Shauntia Floyd - Great!!

    This product is great!! Been using it for 3 weeks and i can see the firmness in my butt i also workout 5 days a week. I love it!!

  • Tracy - Solar sensor decorative lights.

    These multipurpose motion sensor outdoor solar lights is just what we need a far walk away and walking onto our porch we have a huge porch and have been keeping our porch light on and can't sit out enjoy the hammock swing without being a these multipurpose motion sensor outdoor solar lights is just what we need a far walk away and walking onto our porch we have a huge porch and have been keeping our porch light on and can't sit out enjoy the Hamic swing without being ate alive. We simply installed these on our gutter and whenever you walk up to the porch the lights come right on brighter, as they are just dim otherwise, best thing ever. The solar lights will change from off to demo that night motion will trigger lights to a bright light for 30 seconds before deactivating back into a demo to save battery life. Rechargeable battery will charge for around eight hours in sunlight and should last 12 hours or longer.

  • Chris - Finally found something effective to help with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis!

    I am going to start by recommending schwartz turmeric curcumin to everyone who read this review. The health benefits from taking a turmeric supplement go beyond what I can describe in a simple review.

  • BirdOPrey5 - The new SImCity is an EPIC FAIL

    Easily the worst way to spend $60 since your "Jello of the Month" membership. Wow... So as you no doubt know by now this new release of SimCity has the following major differences from previous versions: