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Dissolving Pain - Relief from chronic pain using simple guided brain exercises to shift your attention among four types of attention, and open focus attention. Based on the book by Les Fehmi and Jim Robbins.

  • http://dissolvingpain.com/workshops/ Ask Dr. Fehmi Teleseminar & Workshops | Dissolving Pain - Open Focus event with Les Fehmi and Akashavanda, discussing the connections between Open Focus and Buddhist Meditation. Includes 15 minute guided Meditation practice
  • http://dissolvingpain.com/workshops/teleseminars-with-les-fehmi/ Open Focus Teleseminars with Les Fehmi | Dissolving Pain - We are delighted to present a new Master Class series webinar on Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 1pm EST. Les Fehmi, Ph.D. and Susan Shor Fehmi, LCSW, will spend an hour working one-on-one with an audience guest targeting their physical or emotional symptoms.
  • http://dissolvingpain.com/blog/ The Still-point | Dissolving Pain - This is a guest post from Robert “Bob” Wright, Jr., Ph.D., COFT Bob has also been our guest on the Ask Dr. Femhi Webinar on May, 2013. The subject was, Releasing Grief with Open Focus.
  • http://dissolvingpain.com/open-focus/1574/ Attention, Body Awareness and Space - Part 1 | Dissolving Pain - The following is the transcription of a discussion that took place between Dr. Les Fehmi, Susan Shor Fehmi and Kurt Vega during the “Ask Dr. Fehmi” teleseminar on March 7th, 2012.

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  • Trout - Squat Calf Machine

    The Body Solid GSCL360 is a great squat or calf raise machine. Overall, I like this product and recommended to any one who is serious about getting a good leg workout.

  • Hasel - Does a great job!

    Wonderful! All it takes to become a believer is to see the used water after using this machine on what you 'thought' was an already clean floor! And if you think about it, it just makes sense that it is better to have continuous clean water rather than using the dirty water in a mop bucket. It's easy to fill and to change the water and clean the filter. And with this machine you can completely finish the floor one section at a time. You vacuum a section, switch to mop, switch to dry and you are completely finished with that section of floor. This is especially helpful when it is necessary to move furniture. I use the Hoover cleaning product and it works very well on my hard wood floors. But I guess you could use any other wood floor cleaner that can be mixed with water.

  • Heather - This book is the EXACT material as the "NCLEX-RN Strategies ...

    This book is the EXACT material as the "NCLEX-RN Strategies, Practice, and Review 2013-2014. The only difference is the 2 Practice tests that you get with this book and not the other. Save your money and purchase the 2013-2014 book. The book has practice exams after every chapter so you still get plenty of practice. Also the 2013-2014 book comes with a disc.

  • L. Hamilton - A Relief After Tons of Searching!

    Like most who purchased this product, it was my first espresso maker. And I found out quickly that hunting for these things can be overwhelming! I purchased it at my local Target for $79.99 for convenience in case I had to return it -- with all of the mixed reviews out there, I was incredibly weary of choosing one! However, I will most likely not need to do so. It is perfect for all of my needs!

  • Crystal - Not Recommended for Windows 8

    I had used Avast on my mobile device awhile back and it was fine so I thought I would give it a try as it's for free. I felt it slowed down my system and as others have pointed it there are a lot of pop ups. I also found it changing things without permissions intrusive. Sadly not what it used to be. I was on Windows 8 at the time I downloaded Avast (have changed to 8.1 since) so perhaps it works better on other systems, but I just didn't care for the direction Avast has taken in its product development.

  • R. Knott - Just like Rock and Roll - inherently flawed masterpiece

    As a depressed, immature, drug-addicted teenager, nothing spoke to me quite like the manipulative lyrics of "The Wall." As a happy, relatively mature, sober adult, they readily reveal themselves to be less profound than originally thought. That being said, I have spent more money on this album and the film companion than any other single work of music (and this includes a recording of Berlioz's "Damnation of Faust" on which I appear). I have owned it on vinyl, cassette, CD (twice - after one copy was stolen from my car), and the film on VHS and DVD. Why do I keep going back? Two reasons: no matter how confused I think some of the lyrics are now, there is no denying the soul poured into them; and this album is undeniably an essential work in defining the (albeit flawed - much like this album) history of rock and roll in all its self-indulgent glory. Students will be listening to this album 200 years from now (if we still exist on the planet), and despite our short-sighted present day society, that says something.

  • Cyndi Becker - Here I go wishing my life away...I can't wait for January 2017~ 5++ stars ~ 2016 #MustRead and #Favorite

    What a perfect read - everything about the Marriage Games #1 is right, right, right! But why? The story line & concept, CD Reiss' brilliant execution and some the most emotionally complex characters I've ever read. I can't even find my words...not easily at least but here goes.