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  • moose - Milorganite excellent product

    I have used Milorganite for a number of years. I use it on my lawn we also use it on Roses and other plants they love it. You could say this is under the radar product which is excellent. It is very popular in the Midwest. You can get it out in the western part of the country not as popular in the west yet. If then can get the it out here more people will see its excellent benefit and for all uses.

  • Barbara A. Williams - What do you really want to do with your life?

    For those of you who have reached the point in your life when you start asking the question:"What do I really want to do with my life?", this book is for you. It does not simply contain quick-fix job hunting techniques (although I suppose it could be effectively used for that), but instead guides you through the process of thoughfully examining your previous jobs and understanding what you like to do, what skills you have that you may be unaware of, and how to use this information to get a job that is ideal for you. This book is well-written and easy to follow. The exercises can help you to develop not only insight but also more confidence about the skills you have to offer an employer. After reading this book you will never again settle for just looking through the want-ads again!

  • jennifer - Great product for nursing moms

    I had purchased this three years ago when my son was born and it helped so much. So when my daughter was born five months ago I wanted to use it again. Happy to see it was available on Amazon and the price was lower I was going to go to a health food store where it's 40 dollars. Impressed with product.

  • Elizabeth Stewart - It does seem to help back pain.

    I tried these patches for back pain. They do seem to help. The pain isn't gone, but it's more manageable. I think it's the local delivery of the medicine (basically aspirin) that does the job; the menthol and camphor just deliver a cooling then warming sensation to the surface of the skin that doesn't last very long. I think that the thinner the skin, the more intense the sensation will be. I prefer the pads that deliver actual heat, but I'll at least use up this box. I might buy more. You get a lot for your money. The patches do stay on all day long. I didn't find them unpleasant; I even forgot I had them on. I used two at a time for for my back. I also used one on my thumb for a tendon strain, and it helped that too.

  • Momofmany - Nice caldendar, just arrived with alot of bubbles popped.

    I'm a busy stay at home/homeschooling mom of eight little ones all under age nine. I'm always looking for fun and new things for them for schooling. When I came across this I figured it would be a fun way to teach calendar lessons, so I of course ordered it. Upon arrival I was very surprised by the size of it. It is actually a decent size and can easily be placed on any wall. Its large enough that you can see the days pretty clearly. All the months are written on the sides and are easily read. However I wish they would have spaced the months because it all just flows together from month to month. We also had a little disappointment. As when it arrives a lot of the bubbles were already popped. It seemed to have been shipped well, I think it may have been from the manufacturer. The kids were still interested in it, and we just simply skip the day if its already popped. I also like that it has some holidays with pictures on it, the kids seem to really enjoy that. Overall its a very nice calendar and it does make a nice addition to the beginning of school time. They love taking turns "popping" the day. I only wish it wouldn't have had so many bubbles popped upon arrival. I'm pretty happy with my purchase and would likely recommend it my family and friends. Hopefully we received a "bad apple" and everyone else's will have all the bubbles unpopped.

  • Salvador R. - Purchased from Viders3DS

    I wasn't sure about paying up front and trade later but Viders3DS was such a good sport and made it so easy that there is nothing but a big smile on my face now! He took the time to trade pretty much right after the purchase. Totally 100% recommended!