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  • Gave me much hope - Gave me much hope

    This was one of the first books I read after being diagnosed in 1995. I was engulfed with an incredible fear beyond words. This book gave me my first ray of hope that we can do much with nutrition and how each one of us needs to take an active part in our healing.

  • Kinky&Curly - Awesome!!!

    I recommend this product to all natural out there. Does not mix well with other products, tend to make it harder to detangle when mix with other products.

  • Sandy - Am liking this shampoo. Been using for about 3 ...

    Am liking this shampoo. Been using for about 3 weeks plus and feel that there is less hair loss and evidence of some new hair growth along my hairline. Will have to see.

  • Robert Eliason - thus the price is pretty high purchased separately

    Worth the read but there is a lot of redundancy. It is not particularly well written, but I was not expecting a literary work Be aware that this book is free when you buy earthing products, thus the price is pretty high purchased separately. Just buy the products and the book and dvd are free. Everything of importance you will find in this book is easily found online.