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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Sj115 - Super disappointed. I just had to order another brand ...

    I am almost done with this whole bottle and it did nothing for my milk production. Super disappointed. I just had to order another brand to try out. The pills also felt like they were stuck/lodged in my throat for some reason regardless of how much water I drank with it.

  • wordscapes - MIXED REVIEWS

    I bought this based on reviews just to see for myself if it worked. It's pricey for sure. In some places it did exactly as described; in others not so much. Don't know the reason for this difference. Don't think I would purchase again - easier to just keep at the mold with a cheaper product. I don't think it's quite as easy to use as it sounds though.

  • Mom of 2 - seresto flea collar for cats

    My cat is an inside cat and gets her exposure to fleas from my dog coming in and out. I've used advantage and frontline in the past with no problems. Needless to say I'm switching back. My cat has fleas and scratches all the time. The collar is only a little over a month old, so it must be at the strongest potency still. She never gets a bath so I have not gotten it wet. Very disappointed.

  • stephanie huff - No Difference

    Had really high hopes for this about and researched before it came out. Unfortunately, it did NOTHING to strengthen, lengthen, thicken or GROW my hair at all. Big farce....very disappointing.

  • JW320 - good stuff

    Had some bad jock itch. I used this stuff a couple of times a day with some good anti-fungal cream and it cleared up in a week or so. I was very happy. I continue to use it several times a week just to make sure it never comes back.

  • Angelo Sposato - Great product

    Great product. This is my first otter box for any of my phones over the years. (always had life proof cases). Very pleased