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  • Car Servicing & Repair by CLP Automotive - Welcome CLP Automotive, Sheffield Premier Car Servicing, Repair & Upgrade Garage. We are proud of our reputation for integrity, first class customer service & competitive pricing.
  • BMW Servicing & Repair by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - BMW servicing with CLP Automotive covers all the models within the BMW vehicle range; we can service 1 series through to M Cars to main dealer standards.
  • Mini Servicing & Repair by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - At CLP Automotive we have invested in the latest Mini dealership equipment which means that we can carry out any repair or service...
  • VW Servicing & Repair by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - VW servicing with CLP Automotive covers all the models within the VW vehicle range; we can give your Golf, Passat, or even your R32 a service
  • Audi Servicing & Repair by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - Audi servicing with CLP Automotive covers all the models within the Audi vehicle range; we can give your A3, Q7, or even your RS5 a service to the standard
  • Car Servicing & Repair by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - If you want to want to care for your vehicle, help minimise breakdown risk and maintain its resale value you need to make sure you service your car every...
  • Audi RS Servicing & Repair by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - As an owner of an S or an RS powered Audi driver appreciate that high performance cars require specialist maintenance. CLP Automotive...
  • BMW M Servicing & Repair - Sheffield - As an owner of a BMW M powered vehicle you appreciate high performance cars. CLP Automotive is the premier BMW M Servicing & Repair...
  • MOT by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - If your vehicle is 3 years or older you are required by law to have an annual safety check, commonly known as an MOT...
  • Brakes Repaired & Serviced by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - Many accidents are caused by faulty or poorly maintained brakes often resulting in injury or costly insurance claims. Your vehicle will also fail its MOT
  • Tyres by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - CLP Automotive have a wide range of tyres to suit your preferred driving style. You can choose from our range of General, Comfort, 4x4 & SUV...
  • Exhaust Replacements by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - We supply all the leading UK brands of standard and performance exhaust systems for all makes and models of cars. If we don’t have it in stock...
  • Car Clutches Replaced by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - Replacing car clutches is important. We pride ourselves on using quality parts to return your vehicle to good working order. We work hard with our...
  • Air Conditioning by CLP Automotive - Vehicle manufacturers recommend that air conditioning systems are serviced every 2 years. A regularly serviced and fully functioning system has several major benefits.
  • Wheel Alignment by CLP Automotive - Although not as common as a service or MOT, wheel alignment is an essential part of your vehicle’s maintenance. It is a very important maintenance...
  • Akrapovic by CLP Automotive - CLP Automotive is one of Europe’s leading suppliers and installers of Akrapovic car exhausts so you can be assured that every aspect of you upgrade will
  • KW Suspension by CLP Automotive Sheffield - KW Suspension has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of sport suspension systems. Founded in 1991, KW Suspension now deliver
  • Manic Mini by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - Manic Mini delivers a new new technology allowing your Mini to fly (not literally...yet). CLP Automotive is proud to call themselves
  • Peron by CLP Automotive - Sheffield - Peron has swiftly become the go to place for performance turbo upgrade hardware and ECU tuning technology.
  • REMUS Exhausts & the 3 reasons why... by CLP Automotive - Want to increase the power and torque of your vehicle? Oh, AND make it sound like a proper racecar? Then look no further as all of the Remus exhaust

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  • Starlette - like it - bought 2 already

    i use this for a persistent rash - it goes on smoothly - stays on fairly well - helps to heal and eases itching somewhat

  • jlc 13 - Sadly Many Ladies Believe the Commercials!

    I am another reviewer who thought this would be a less expensive alternative. I too was excited! After 6 months I use I agree this is a total rip-off. Absolutely no difference in my skin. There are SO many superior products to this, the Olay top line products are just one example. I'm going back to RuLinea and my Aveeno cleansers and lotions. Also, there is nothing like the generic script for Renova.... Please please save your money and time (tough to cancel)

  • Monica - Excellent product

    I am very happy to say that the kapersky system helped my computer from crashing and saved me from buying a new computer. I love this system and would definitely recommend it to a friend just like it was recommended to me

  • Maxine I - Not intuitive and has absolutely no security for such an expensive device

    I'm very disappointed and annoyed! I bought a new road bike and was strongly advised by my bike shop to buy this device as I ride alone many times and they felt that the turn by turn navigation was a must. I bought it mid-August and my issues are as follows:

  • Genell Jordan - Family favorite, guilt & chemical free, fool your friends!

    We've been using this brand of of potato flakes for years. Product is exactly as described. If you don't tell people you're using "instant", no one would guess from the look or taste. Tasty, genuine, potatoes through and through. The -only- valid reasons, IMO, for not buying this product is if you want chunky smashed potatoes instead of smooth finely mashed, or you must have peel-on potatoes.

  • Atrane - Great overall seat, easy to assemble, high rear facing seat limits, easy to install.

    The Fllo is a great seat for extended rear facing or for those with larger toddlers. It is easy to assemble out of the box. The head-wing piece clicks into place in the back of the seat and the anti-rebound bar installs quickly with two small rods and pins from underneath. I have installed this seat rear facing in 5 different vehicles achieving a rock solid installation each time. I primarily use it in a captain's chair in a minivan, but have also used it in a three across install with both two radians and one radian one foonf. I haven't had to install it forward facing yet, but will update when my little one is ready to turn. The latch connectors are easy to use and adjust with just one hand. This allows the other hand to guide the seat into the proper place against the vehicle seat bight. The seatbelt guides and locks offs are easy to use and help get the installation tight once baby has outgrown the use of latch. The straps are pretty easy to adjust, I can change strap slots without installing the seat. We haven't had any big spills, but I have had to remove the cover to wash it after my child vomited in her seat. Clek provided instructions for removing the straps (had to be replaced) and the cover for cleaning via email. I feel like these instructions should be in the manual, but once I had them, they were easy to follow. There is a mini tool-screw removal, headrest removal included, it clips on to the back of the seat. Overall a great seat for rear facing.

  • CJS5308 - It's OK

    It is nice to have a snack tray option and looks great on the stroller. My one huge complaint is that my 13 month old daughter can pop out the clear tray part very easily, sending her snack everywhere. Snapping it back in allows for pinched fingers very easily as well. It got so bad today, I just took it off and threw it in the stroller basket. For the price of this tray, I hoped it would be a lot more functional.