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  • Michael - SoundPeats does it again...

    I was given the opportunity to review this product by SoundPeats, discounted for an honest unbiased review. I've reviewed a lot of headphones and truthfully this style in itself is, I think the best. And I think Soundpeats has captured the clarity and tonal range of quality with this particular set of headphones in the Q900 series. Whether for listening to music, or having a conversation, these do a really good job. The 4.1 Blue Tooth technology is as good as you can get on the market. With 10 hours of talk time (listening) on a full charge time of 3 hours, that's really impressive. I don't know of many things that will last 10 hours on one charge. Or 180 standby hours. And functionality, very user friendly. Not a lot of fumbling around with stupid buttons. You get an extra set of earbud covers, the charging cable. And you get a good pair of Blue Tooth headphones with magnetic docks. I like them myself. They stay on your neck, they pair easily. And they sound good. And I really have to add this. I have known the folks at SoundPeats for quite a awhile. They do stand behind their products. And so does Amazon. If for whatever reason you felt like you got a bum deal, SoundPeats will fix it. Or Amazon will. But bottom line, these are good Bluetooth headphones. And I wouldn't dare say so if I weren't so. Thanks for your time..

  • Amazon Customer - Broke my apl hair off severly

    I followed directions bought the balancing moisturizer rinsed rinsed and deep conditioned hair after for 3 hours. I am still devastated. My hair is layered the hair at the bottom was the weakest and the strongest layer of hair survived. well I lost 5 inches of hair and determined to grow it back. I'm lucky I still have some hair left on my shoulders. Be careful I had beautiful shiney silly hair I should have left it alone. My hair type is fine silky african american hair and sensitive it also hates perms and hair dyes if u have hair similar to mine do not use this.

  • Kendoso - Modem NOT defective - Comcast conspiracy?

    I felt compelled to write this to help those who will encounter the problems I faced (and mentioned here). I'm one of the many people who wanted to avoid renting a modem from Comcast and bought this modem based on the stellar reviews, only to find that on the day of installation/activation that it "didn't work". Didn't work meant experiencing the same symptoms that's been mentioned here several times - "modem connects but then resets/power cycles/disconnects itself within a few minutes." This happened to me on the day I activated my Comcast internet. The technician spent 1.5 hours trying to figure it out and ended up loaning me a Comcast modem (Motorola SB5120 DOCSIS2), which came up almost instantly and activated just as fast (go figure). He suggested I return this modem as it was defective, in his opinion. I didn't like this since the probability of this was very small. But I saw what I saw and could not get past the first page of Comcast self activation screen with this modem. Before the web page for self activation could proceed, after typing my account info and phone number, the modem would conveniently lose connection. At one point I did get to the next screen where it was scanning for devices, but the modem cut out thereby hanging the process. The modem was packed up in the box for return to Amazon when I couldn't shake how much this bothered me and by my bad luck. So I came back here and read pretty much every review. What I found was there's several people who experienced the EXACT same symptoms while trying several of the same modem. There were two reviews that stood out. One was from a person who mentioned the Comcast technician moaned when he saw it was this modem, indicating that the technician was aware of difficulties using this modem. The person mentioned that after 70 minutes of trying to get the modem to connect the technician advised him to leave the modem powered on and hooked up for awhile and to try activating later. The person did this and was successful in activating the modem. The other review was from a person who was admirably persistent. His review talks of several attempts to connect and refusal to accept that the modem was defective. He ended up leaving the modem power on and connected overnight so the modem could "download firmware". The next day he was able to activate after two attempts with Comcast self activation process. Lastly, I noticed for me that if I left the modem power on and connected but make no attempt to activate it via Comcast web site, the modem retains connection (via indicator lights) for prolonged periods of time. It only seems to lose connection when I try to activate. Based on this I felt something was broken with Comcast activation process specifically for this modem or perhaps Comcast was intentionally making it difficult to activate this modem to convince customers to rent a "reliable" modem from them. To be honest, it almost worked for me. After sitting there watching the technician agonize trying to get the modem to work, I was tempted to rent the modem and move on with life. So as one last hail Mary attempt, this is what I did:

  • Peggy W. - I love this product

    I love this product. I have been using it for years, and I hope this is one product that is never discontinued.

  • Daniel from SJ - not perfect but a great value nonetheless

    i got this antenna because the original just doesn't in my garage. With this antenna, there a significant improvement but it's not exactly as the original (the nature of radio and antenna) but it's good enough the areas i drive the most, and the stations i like the most... so definitely worth the price if you have the same inconvenience as i do...