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  • Carolyn A. McCort - Very disappointing

    Very disappointing. It said it was compatible with Windows 8 but when I tried to run the program, it stated it would not load on Windows 8. Sent it back. Just wish my old American Greeting would run on Windows 8. Loved that software for years.

  • barbara a stone - Loved it but it left me flat.

    When it worked it was amazing. We had a great marriage this flashlight and I. It failed. A Fenix light that does not shine is a nicely constructed piece of aluminum and I don't need that I need light. It just does not work any more; less than thirty days into this relationship. First the selector switch failed to select, then the on off went out a day later. I treated it right, used it sparingly, did not drop it,and it left me flat. No tortured goodbye it just flickered and died. Right now I am sketchy about ordering another PD32UE but may get another Fenix product. It is a lot of money for what turned out to be nothing. Perhaps one bad apple in the bushel? There was another review wondering about the durability of the switch, is this the answer? Amazon thankfully will provide a refund otherwise I would feel terrible.

  • AMMcbride - This is the best router I have used

    This is the best router I have used. Setup is fairly simple. I had a small problem getting the satellite to sync but it did eventually did after hitting the rysnc button and rebooting. The router has 3 wan ports and the satellite has 4. Speed are very fast. My previous wifi would freeze and buffer. I tried powerline adapters that worked but would get out of sync or become inoperable. I tired moca adapters that worked but one cable provider told me they were incompatible with their system. This router solved the problem. I get very fast speeds on all devices and excellent wifi everywhere in my 4100 sq ft house. I get access in my yard and in my neighbors yard. In fact, my signal is stronger than my neighbors in his yard. I have over 50 devises on the network and all work very well. It is worth the price and you will spend a lot more buying other devices to compensate for poor wifi. This device give you everything. Fast speed over the wifi! Guest network is not available yet but Netgear says it will be hear by the end of 2016. I have fios and it works with their router. This router has an AP mode that lets you connect it to an existing router. All I had to do was disable wifi on my fios router and this works great without interrupting guide, on demand or dvr service. If I change providers, this will take over as the primary router. I rarely give a product 5 stars and this one definitely earned it.

  • G. George - Caveat Emptor: Let those thinking about buying Norton products beware!

    While Norton Internet Security Software may be pretty good compared to others there is one huge drawback to Semantec Products: At about the half way point in customers' paid subscriptions Norton security software is programmed to dump its subscribers completely (kick them to the curb, so to speak) leaving Norton customers completely unprotected and leaving customers' computers wide open to fraud, phishing and loss of personal data.

  • Jack's Dad - In a word, it's COOL!

    Bought it for a 14 year old boy building his first computer. In a word, it's COOL! Boy is building a gaming computer. With very little help from mom and dad. An adult who has built many computers is offering his services as a consultant. But Jack is searching the internet and learning everything he can about the various parts and the putting-it-together. Now, after about three months, he knows what he wants. This is his keyboard.

  • Tiffanie R. - OMG Love it!

    OMG Love it!!!!!!! I don't have a lot of closet space so every fall I pack up my summer clothes in boxes and pull out the winter. Then turn around and do the same thing in the spring with the winter clothes. The boxes are big and bulky and take up so much space. Plus they are an eyesore cause I really don't have a place to store them. I usually stack them up against a wall in the extra bedroom. I just put all my winter clothes in these and was able to get them all in one box. I am literally flabbergasted. It is amazing!!!!!! I don't know why I haven't tried these before. They are easy to use and hold their suction really well. They will keep out spiders and silverfish and keep stuff from smelling muggy. I even have a winter comforter and a summer comforter and was able to put the king size winter comforter in the jumbo bag and reduce the space it took up by like 75%. I definitely recommend these!!!!!!