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  • Liberty29 - Migrated to Outlook 2010 at work

    Not nearly as comprehensive as I had hoped a "How to" book of 500 pages would be. Having said that I should clarify that it's not really oriented to offices where an assistant manages multiple calendars, for example. I'm ordering another book in the hope that it will provide more detail/cover topics not in this book.

  • scattycat419 - you WILL NOT find a finer cloth that cleans and remove bacteria from the surface ...

    you WILL NOT find a finer cloth that cleans and remove bacteria from the surface like norwex!! it even removes protein from raw meat from counter, this is a proven fact and did you know that protein is 8x smaller than bacteria? yes it is, but with one swipe the bacteria and traces of protein are swept up in the baclock system of the cloth and neutralized :D you just rinse with water and squeeze cloth out and hang up! makes cleaning fun and way easier. did you know you have to leave clorox wipes cleaner wet for 6 mins for it to kill bacteria, and swab test shows after using a clorox while there are still signs of bacteria. So my advice to anyone reading review, please don't bother with the one star rating, it is so far from the truth.....Norwex rules of all microfiber clothes out on the market and the micro silver is amazing! you may pay more but you get way more in the return! not chemicals needed or soaps....all you need is water with norwex....so you save money not spend more :D

  • Laurie S. - They fit great and I wore the heck out of them for ...

    Second time I bought the sneakers. They fit great and I wore the heck out of them for about a year-and-a-half before I had to replace them.

  • AZ Pug Lover - Replaces nasty dog breath

    This works well, but certainly is no replacement for a doggy dental. They like the taste and its easier than brushing.

  • Sheri L. Custer - GREAT Navage Nasal Irrigation System

    I really like the Navage Nasal Irrigation System. It is easy to use and oh my goodness does it bring the 'junk' out. I've had a sinus infection for over a year. I went to the specialist and was told I had MRSA. Believe it or not I do not have pain. They wanted to do surgery. They put me on antibiotics and was told to use a Nettie Pot. It helped some but the Nettie Pot just didn't clear it up. I saw this advertised on TV then checked it out on Amazon. What a difference, I'm using it every day (today is day 3) and I can breath and not hack out the 'junk' every hour. I'm so happy to finally have this unit. I would likely recommend this to EVERYONE.

  • ThistleFlower - I guess they worked, but I couldn't stand the smell!

    I put these pouches in our shed when we noticed mice hanging around in there. Within a week, the mice were gone, but they wound up in our house instead--and we never had this problem before! Luckily, our cat is a good mouser and took care of the issue, but we couldn't get the pouches out of the shed fast enough--we would rather them hang out in our shed outside than in our home. After we removed the pouches, we haven't had a mouse in the house since. Personally, I could not tolerate the smell of the pouches, hence why we never brought them inside. Even though they have an pine smell, it was just too overwhelming for me to deal with. We wound up keeping them in a plastic bag in our garage sealed in a bucket. Finally, we just pitched them. If you don't mind a very strong odor of pine and you protect all areas where you want to get ride of mice, then you should be covered and these pouches should work. Just make sure you protect all areas and the rodents don't wind up looking for other places (like you home!) to settle in.