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Cell MedX Corp. - Cell MedX Corp. is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic products for patients with diseases such as diabetes.

  • http://cellmedx.com/company/contact-us/ Contact Cell MedX Corp. - Contact Cell MedX Corp. by phone at 1-310-508-9398, email at [email protected], or using our website's contact form for general contact and careers.
  • http://cellmedx.com/diabetes/ Diabetes Statistics — Cell MedX Corp. - Diabetes is one of the world’s oldest diseases and it has been centuries since this syndrome was first recognized. Learn about diabetes statistics now.
  • http://cellmedx.com/diabetes/classifications/ What is Diabetes? - Cell MedX Corp. - Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin. Learn the difference between type 1 and 2 diabetes, and more.
  • http://cellmedx.com/diabetes/complications/ Diabetes Complications — Cell MedX Corp. - Diabetes causes serious complications to your health. Learn more about diabetes complications and help you can help delay or prevent diabetes complications.
  • http://cellmedx.com/diabetes/economic-cost/ Economic Cost of Diabetes — Cell MedX Corp. - Diabetes imposes a large economic burden on national healthcare systems. Learn how implementing inexpensive, easy-to-use interventions can help.
  • http://cellmedx.com/treatments/today/ Treating Diabetes & Health Living Today — Cell MedX Corp. - You are the most important member of your diabetes healthcare team. Learn why every individual living with diabetes needs unique care diabetes treatments.
  • http://cellmedx.com/treatments/more-is-needed/ Modern Methods for Treating Diabetes by Cell MedX Corp. - It is more realistic in the 21st century to view biological processes on an electrochemical basis rather than on a chemical basis alone. Find out why now.
  • http://cellmedx.com/treatments/future-growth/ Avyonce Clinical Spa By Cell MedX Corp. - Avyonce Clinical Spa is designed to be an innovative luxury environment providing the consumer with access to diabetic education and treatment. Learn more.
  • http://cellmedx.com/products/electromedical-technologies/ Electromedical Technologies From Cell MedX Corp. - Electro-medicine involves the use of low level electrical currents to help relieve pain and other symptoms of body pathologies. Learn about this technology.
  • http://cellmedx.com/products/opportunity/ Cell MedX Corp. Opportunities - A new opportunity is dawning. Science now indicates that energy (electromedicine) is the future of medicine. Find out about these unique opportunities.
  • http://cellmedx.com/products/e-balance/ Cell MedX Corp. e-Balance Technology for Diabetes - Learn more about our radically different & promising device that is unlike the approaches currently in use or in the diabetes treatment pipeline.
  • http://cellmedx.com/company/about-us/ About Cell MedX Corp. - We are focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic products for patients with diseases such as diabetes. Learn more now.
  • http://cellmedx.com/company/mission-vision/ Cell MedX Corp. Mission & Vision - Learn more about our mission to advance diabetic freedom, and vision to achieve a leading role in the rapidly growing diabetes sector.
  • http://cellmedx.com/company/leadership/ Cell MedX Corp. Leadership & CEO - Learn about Cell MedX Corp. leadership, including Cell MedX Corp.'s CEO & President, Frank McEnulty, and VP's Jean Arnett and Bradley Hargreaves.
  • http://cellmedx.com/company/advisors/ Cell MedX Corp. Advisors - Learn about Cell MedX Corp. advisors, including John Sanderson, MD, Advisory Board Chairman.
  • http://cellmedx.com/company/faq/ Cell MedX Corp. Frequently Asked Questions - Find some of the most frequently asked questions about Cell MedX Corp. If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us directly.
  • http://cellmedx.com/investors/overview/ Cell MedX Corp. Corporate Overview - Cell MedX Corp. is an early development stage company publicly traded on the OTC Markets under the symbol CMXC. Learn more about Cell MedX Corp. now.
  • http://cellmedx.com/investors/corporate-news/ Cell MedX Corp. Corporate News - Read the latest corporate news from Cell MedX Corp. Also, be sure to subscribe to receive news alert about CellMedX on our website.

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  • Mary Sparks - Delicious tasting

    My husband and I have a smoothie every morning,I chose your Pina Colada flavor we add fresh pineapple and bananas,there is no after taste with this protein powder. We feel more energized to meet the day,both being older retired. Super Good. ☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • Ric Meyer - Not so good...

    I finally got the two bars nstalled on my Terrain, but not without fiddling and mods. The plastic ends that mate to the Terrain's rails are too flimsy, particularly the locking flaps. Also one of the spings popped off during install, then I discoverd the adjustment screws, which were not mentioned in the instructions. When I finally got them installed, I drilled and tapped each locking flap and installed 10-24 screws to make sure the flimsy flaps wouldn't come up, say in a car wash.....I can't recommend this product. ps..the plastic Terrain rails aren't so hot either!

  • Samantha Beson - MUST Read!!!!

    Whew!! Once I stared this book, I couldn't put it down!! I had to know what happened! Being kidnapped and then your kidnapper wanting you to submit. Intense, raw, and of course dark!! What more could you want!? Definitely recommend this read!!

  • Amanda - Great Datebook, Small Room to Write!

    This is a perfect little datebook. It's split up so that each open section is a whole week; starting with Monday and ending with Sunday. Saturday and Sunday tend to be on the right side with the other days of the week on the left. Each day contains a ton of information. It has full info on that day/night's moon cycle, when the signs enter, the color of the day, if today's a day for harvest or planting, etc. Some days have snippets of tips or ongoings of the day. On the right page there is either a piece of artwork, spell, recipe, or informational blurb (usually about that month's full moon).