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  • A. Martin - Nope, Didn't Work for Me

    Did not work for my arthritic thumbs! The ingredients are not pain killers so it's no wonder. But what does seem to be working is ginger essential oil mixed with coconut oil and applied as a plaster using a large bandaid that wraps around my thumbs. Getting the ginger capsules on the way now. It has a better track record as an anti-inflammatory than this "beauty cream" that did nothing. Maybe it's good for easing pain in soft tissue or muscle, but not arthritis.

  • E. Wexler - not what I had hoped - but there's a positive update to this review

    I bought this product to do both disk imaging on a Windows 7 machine for disaster recovery and also to do directory and file backups of my own user data if I screwed something up. The disk imaging seems to have worked well; the directory and file level backups did not. I get an error that says "operation failed." Customer service can take a week to respond (and they apologize for the delay). Their first guess was to slow the write speed at which the backup was written. This suggestion didn't work. The process where "operation failed" created an actual file and the second guess is to use a utility they provide to verify the file because even though "operation failed," the backup may be good. It may be, but I'm left with little confidence given that "operation failed." Nobody can tell me how to make operation succeed.

  • Jessica Schmitt - Very good resource

    I went through this whole book and I thought it did a great job of preparing me for boards. I passed after 75 questions! : )

  • M. Wright - Excellent Generator - Great For Post Hurricane Outages

    I purchased this generator for the occasional power outages of my home to run things like my refrigerator, TV, and computer. And while it is rated at 3,300 watts continuous, (4000 watts peak), my experience with it has been quite impressive. Here are my pros and cons:

  • Dan Deforest - SCAM!!!

    Anything to make a fast buck. these people should get a real job. I am currently paying for amazon, hulu and Netflix, all this does is send you to one of these sites!!! I believe false misleading advertisers should be sent to prison for life.

  • Greg Meyer - It's a short, funny read

    I read "Them," Ronson's book about conspiracy theorists from the 90s, and this is a short funny follow-up, where he checks in on his old friend.

  • Aviva - The cookbook we've all been waiting for!

    This cookbook is geared for children and young adults but it will please readers, cooks, and Harry Potter fans of all ages. My kids (ages 14, 12, and 8), have finally found an activity they can all agree on - cooking and sampling savory Harry Potter recipes. This book covers every single recipe that appears in all seven of the Harry Potter books. Ever wonder what Pumpkin Juice tastes like? Or Treacle tart? Well, you're about to find out!