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  • Amazon Customer - I tried this for a month and my hair still ...

    I tried this for a month and my hair still fell out. But I ordered for additional 3 month to see how it works. Hope the supplements can help stop my hair fall. I will give this product another try.

  • OrlandoShopper - Reminding us all of what we are supposed to be doing

    I'm blaming any typo on the fact that I am writing this on a smart phone keyboard. Athols advice is on point. I just got married; it's the second time, and simply wanted to see his point of view. As I read the book, I realized that these are all things me and my friends always did when we were in our 20s. It's a good thing to be reminded especially after 18 years in the aftermath of a failed marriage that has succeeded in suppressing a whole lot of nessecary relationshipAlpha behavior. The funny thing is that at work I am the home I had become compromised in the attempt to keep a marriage together without recognizing all of those "tests" for what they are. The key message that I received, even though it may not have been intended, was that even though society and our women may act as if we are supposed to become "betaized" (Athols and others terminology from the so-called "manosphere"), it is clear to me that it is not makes the majority of relationships stay healthy. It seems that for the most part , he has it right but I can't help but to think he has simplified things greatly. He also seems to be quite clear that some marriages need to end. I agree; but, again, it sometimes is not quite that simple. It is noted however that this is not supposed to be a book on how to end a marriage . For those who have found themselves made "wimpy" by the expectations of society as well as the perception that their wives need us to be that way, his book is key. Beware not to become a misogynist though. One thought: Implementing what Athol is espousing will require a great amount of self discipline as well as hard work on oneself. My experience has been that he is majorly correct ; especially since I recently, in the last 3 years, went through the transformation that he discusses. For me, it started out of raw need; I was out of shape, he'd forgotten how to attract by merely relying on my presence and was too eager to do what any reasonably sucessful man with a good salary tends to do: emphasize his immediate and visible trappings thinking that it will attract women. Well it does, but for reasons that, as Athol explains, many will regret. It makes you only as useful or 'dersireable' as far as your money will go. It is much more awe-inspiring, confidence building, easier, hotter, fascinating and intriguing to do it the primitive way. That is, be more of a man, unapologetically masculine. This may mean herd work for those who 'need' this book. But it is worth it. You will be awkward at first. You will make mistakes. You might get discouraged. But the first time some hot woman turns her head to look at you walk by, the first time some chick at work touches your arm while talking about nothing that warrants it, the first time in a long time your wife acts overtly 'submissive' to you, you will know that you are on he right path.

  • Chris W - Long Live Power Pop

    The last Top 20 hit by the band it is one of my favorite Badfinger songs. I love that Pete Ham wrote it about a girl he actually knew and dated and can't help but wonder what she thought about that. As with most Badfinger tunes it is the definition of power pop, with a memorable riffs, stong drumming and my favorite guitar solo in a Badfinger song. Long live power pop!!!

  • Melanie N Wishy - but great the rest of the week

    Doesn't really restore dried hair. If you have curly hair, use a t- shirt instead of towel to dry. Try a satin pillowcase. I now use coconut oil once a week. oily the first day, but great the rest of the week.

  • Winter - Horrible

    I find myself at a loss for words to describe how angry i am at this purchase. Blizzard used to stand for something great. When blizzard released a new title, there was no need to read a review. The company stood for something great. It was a brand you could trust.

  • Angel Buffalino - Save $ on a Pedi & get your nails done instead

    OK so I read lots of reviews on this but decided to take a chance anyway. Since I have used it my feet have been smooth and not cracked and scratchy. I would get a more heavy grit for hard callouses next time but this worked as well...just took more time.

  • Amazon Customer - Not for your average traveler

    I am a world traveler and enjoy the cultures of different countries and their natural wonders.. However, I did not expect to read about the garbage collectors of Calcutta, or Murderers in Ireland, or the religious hatreds in Ireland. The story on the radiated zone of Russia was interesting but then again... I can't go there. The articles on these places may be eye opening but I want to read about the wonders to be seen in the rest of the world.