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  • Deer Hunter - awesome!!!!!!

    This game is by far the best hunting game for kindle ever !!! The guns r a little or a lot expensive I mean come on really glu mobile Inc. 1250 flu credits for a cool gun really!!!!! but other than that awesome game

  • AAWerner - Great Bag

    This is a great bag and am very happy that I spent the money to get something with such good quality.

  • DoxieLover - Passed CCA Exam using PRG and other materials.

    The PRG for CCA 2009 was a valuable tool to review and study for the CCA Exam. PRG covered all topic areas and provided references to other books (most of which I had) to read more about the question topic. The CD-ROM practice exams helped me pace my exam question response rate. I just completed an online medical coding training course so most of the topics were still fresh in my mind. The author should consider having a few more questions on medical records. I would recommend the PRG as a study guide to be used in conjunction with other medical coding course books or materials.

  • A. Chen - difficult to open

    the footpeddle is impossible to step on to open the stroller all the way and lock in place ... everytime I step down on it the front of the stroller goes up so I get no leverage.. hated this stroller because of that.

  • Amazon Customer - These shoes are great, I live in South Dakota so I wanted ...

    These shoes are great, I live in South Dakota so I wanted something I could wear during our typically long, snowy winter...perfect. I haven't worn another shoe since I got these and I probably won't until about May. I have special insoles that I wear so I can't speak to the comfort of the shoe the way they come out of the box, but these are very comfortable and not every shoe is even with my insoles so I have to think they are pretty good the way they come. Very well constructed and they look pretty cool too. I've got a Harley and these should work pretty good on the bike as well. Very satisfied with these and the other 2 pair of Merrells I own.

  • Daniela Thompson - A MUST have in preparation for NCLEX!!!!

    Used this book like a bible and passed NCLEX on the first try. The strategies Kaplan use for critically thinking and eliminating answers when more than one appear correct are explained in this text and make so much sense.

  • Amazon Customer - Do not buy this it melted the wires and caused ...

    Do not buy this it melted the wires and caused a fire after 1 month of being installed by an auto technician in my Chevy Silverado.