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  • Betty C - kasperski Internet Security

    I bought Kasperski Internet Security 2012 last year and sometime in the middle of this year it was automatically upgraded to 2013. So when it expired I purchased the Internet Security 2013. I expect it will be automatically upgraded to 2014 sometime in the new new year. This is a big savings in cost. It is constantly being updated, so there is no difference in the security between one year's version and the new year version. The software warns if you are attempting to enter a risky site, so you can make a choice to continue or not. Have used Kaspersky for several years and have had no issues with it.

  • Missy - as expected

    I buy one of these every year, despite the high price. This year it arrived as stated and I love it just as much as the others!

  • Ed Henderson - Difficult

    I do a lot of handy work, however never dreamed this would be so difficult to install. The mounting bolts supplied are not appropriate for this application. So you will have to buy you own mounting bolts. Get level and then to install the shield is tricky at best. Instructions are in broken Enlgish and hard to follow. Would prefer if vent lights were in front of hood instead of back. They light up the backsplash well but little light on range. End result the finish product looks good, and functions good.

  • RobV - Life saver for people w/ cold sores - downgraded in 6/5/2015 review as I found better product

    I keep a tube at work and at home. As soon as I feel a tingling sensation in the lip I apply this stuff. It is awesome to have a much abbreviated cold sore outbreak on one's lip. This stuff works awesome if you apply at the very earliest indication that you are going to get one. This usually happens for me when I am stressed out at work with way too much to get done in the scheduled time. Even though the tubes are incredibly small they last a long time for me. A couple of tubes last me years and they don't seem to lose there efficacy w/ time.

  • Darryl Douglas - Goos for carbs

    I purchased this product to clean the carbs in my 1999 Yamaha Vmax motorcycle. I used about 4 ounces per fill up for 3 full ups and by the 3rd fill up you could definitely notice that it ran smoother.

  • SteveD1487 - Be aware before you buy.

    Needs sim card and another card and has NO directions on what size to buy or how to insert. Verizon wanted $5 a month to insert their card but said after that I could cancel and that'd be ok. Still got to buy 2 other cards to use it's capability so not such a good value as I hoped. What instructions there are are poorly written.

  • josh - Lmao......come on, seriously!

    I have the lifting for over 4 years now and honestly there is no such Pill that can make you gain weight unless it is some type of steroid or growth hormone. the makers of this must think people are complete idiots. years ago when I was new to weight lifting and wanted to get big I purchase a pill from the same brand (GMP) that made CB1 and the results were same, absolutely nothing!! please do not fall for this product it does not work, the only thing that will help you gain weight is good diet and good workout regiment. I wish I could give this product 0 stars. keep in mind I am speaking from experience