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  • Blazensky - He stopped acting like a puppy

    I have a ten month old pure bred Australian Shepherd. The very first day I put the collar on he started to pant very heavy by that night. His nose was running and he was constantly sneezing. He was lethargic and didn't want to play anymore. He stopped acting like a puppy! I took him to the vet the next day and thought he was getting sick. The vet looked at his eyes and said that it was probably allergies as this was the season, however, he may also have "pink eye" because of the way his eyes looked. The vet prescribed an ointment steroid for his eyes. After two more days of trying to figure out what could cause these symptoms so suddenly, I removed the collar. On the second day he was back to normal and it was like it never happened. I do not always write reviews for products but I do not want anyone else to experience this. Bayer should warn of these side effects.

  • Trevor - Everything as described

    Great price. I was worried that it was not going to come with the access code as stated but it did and everything looks great.

  • Masquerade - Not nearly as sturdy as the original hubcaps from my 2006 Sienna CE ...

    Not nearly as sturdy as the original hubcaps from my 2006 Sienna CE - but then again not nearly as expensive that OEM. You get what you pay for and these look exactly like the ones I had on my van but without the Totoya symbol.