Adventure « A graduate student at Mokpo National University - Hello, I am called  Bhesh Raj Sharma. I was born in the western region of Nepal. My hometown, Baglung, is 350 Km from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. I finished my 10th grade at the Tribhuwan Higher  Secondary School, Baglung, where my father was a mathematics and economics teacher. Ever since my childhood, my father motivated me  to study, hard. So, I…

  • Home « Adventure - My Autobiography in Detail (Going...) I I was born in 1982, in Simle, Paiyunpata-2, Baglung, Nepal.  I grew up in a communal (multi-generational) family.  We had 7 in my family: grandmother, father, mother, an older brother, two younger sisters, and me. My father was a teacher in the Tribhuwan Higher Secondary School, Paiyunpata, Baglung.  The…
  • Contact me « Adventure - Phone: (82)1052842045 Email: [email protected] Department of Oriental Medicine Resources Mokpo National University, Mokpo, South Korea
  • Interferon inducible protein, IRGB10, kills pathogenic bacteria, Francisella novicida, via the AIM2 and Caspase-11-NLRP3 inflammasomes « Adventure - The inflammasome is an intracellular signaling complex, which on recognition of pathogens and physiological aberration, drives activation of caspase-1, pyroptosis, and the release of the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1β and IL-18. Bacterial ligands must secure entry into the cytoplasm to activate inflammasomes; however, the mechanisms by which concealed ligands are liberated in the cytoplasm have remained…
  • Trip to Gatlinburg, TN, USA « Adventure - We went to Gatlinburg in a rented Jeep, on Friday, September 2nd, 2016. Actually, we wanted to leave early that day, but one of our trip members had work until 3 pm. Therefore, we decided to leave at 3. Most of our lab members went with their families. We were 5 families, for 13 people.…
  • A simple way to the healthy life « Adventure - Rules are simple  1 breathe in a proper way,  2 drink sufficient water and  3 eat right foods  Actions  Be aware of air, water and foods. Make them your habit. How to proce… Source: A simple way to… Source: A simple way to the healthy life
  • Anti-obesity Effects of Natural Products in Obesity « Adventure - Sharma et al. recently reported that the herbal mixture, which is commonly used by traditional healers for the treatment and prevention of different chronic diseases, might have potent effects to combat chronic metabolic diseases because herbal mixtures can create a synergistic effect with diverse ingredients that have different mechanism of action. In their study, they…

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  • James V. Henderson - Tastes great

    just started taking this. Tastes great and easy to mix with water. Will see in a couple weeks what difference it makes in my digestion and overall health.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic Product

    I am also confused by the negative reviews of this product. I have just used it to clean a glass / stainless steel electric jug. It had a ring of calcium build up on the bottom where the element is underneath. I soaked it for maybe two minutes, rinsed, and it came up like brand new.

  • Abdul Banglee - I was disappointed to realize that my Samsung monitor does not support ...

    I was disappointed to realize that my Samsung monitor does not support VESA. Glad I found this! Works likes a charm

  • Mario - Very nice and relaxing

    It was not for me, then I cannot judge; but it was nice and the person who I gave it said it was relaxing using it and nice pictures

  • acarone - Great!

    I am in day 3 of t25 and im hooked. Im 27, and trying to bounce back after having a baby. A huge motivator for me was the TIME. Only 25 minutes ! Its quick enough to do during baby's naptime, or right before bed.