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  • J. Kromrie - I use this as after each shower - makes (and keeps) feet velvety soft.

    Excellent - note that if you buy this brand, other refills do not work, you might want to put a brand that they sell at a local store, pedi brand, etc. I assume they are all alike, but they work VERY well. When you get refills for this brand, you are forced to purchase via Amazon.

  • BRENDON E EASH - Read this review if you want the TRUTH

    Alright I wanted to post an ACTUAL review as most in here are done by representatives of the program. I plan to be very complete in this posting to let you know what to expect in this program. First off let me tell you that I am a representative of the company. (At least I was until I sent my second months product back for a refund) I was very excited to start this program. It seemed as if no one had a bad review of it online and even the news clips that tried to disprove it failed. So I approached my rep and was convinced to start with the 30 day pack. I signed my wife up under the Presidents Pack along with my BOSS! My pack included the cleanse, the shakes, and I even added the vitamins. Over the course of 30 days I lost approximately 5-6 lbs. You drink two shakes a day and have a 600 or less calorie dinner. On cleanse days you drink this awful water mixed powder 4 times a day. You will be on the toilet all the time for the first week or two. My second month was scheduled for auto ship and it only included 4 canisters of shakes (enough for 30 days). This concerned me because if it was so important that I buy the entire pack the first month, why was I only needing to keep up with the canisters on the second month and there on? With my busy travel schedule for work, I opted to switch to the bars so that I leave the blender at home. After two months on the program I have not lost more than 5 lbs. I have religiously followed the program, starved on the cleanse days, and spent over 1000 dollars and made only a couple hundred back because I signed my wife and worst of all my BOSS up for this plan. So now that it has not worked for any of us I wanted to post a review to let everyone know the truth. Here is the TRUTH. Isagenix MAY work if you are incredibly obese and overeat consistently but I was not. I had some weight to lose (30 lbs to be happy) and it didn't work. You will never hear someone bad mouth the program because if they do, they take away their chances of making the money back they have lost. The way the program works is if you sign up two people and they sign up two people, your program is free. In the first 30 days you see yourself losing weight (mainly because you starve yourself and those are the days they want you to take your weight) and then you want to make back the money because this program is going to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams and thin. So you convince yourself its working, making you feel better, and then you start telling others that same lie to get them to waste their money. If you get them to do it you get your program paid for as long as they stay on it. Oh yeah and if they do not stay on it, or turn their product back in within 30 days, you have to give the earnings back that you made for making the sale and lose your bonus. The fact is that the program is a very expensive gimmick. They tell you to take these "natural accelerator" capsules and "Isaflush" capsules yet once you start your second month those capsules magically did the trick and you are expected to continue losing weight. Please I beg you do not waste your money on this program. I have tried every program out there, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and all of them have helped me lose weight. Nutrisystem did the best and I kept the majority of that weight off after going off the program. This program is a joke. Oh yeah and if you hear about anyone telling everyone they lost 14 inches or 20 inches; this is how that works. When you get the program, they will ask you to take a measurement off of each arm, each leg, on the thigh, above knee, below knee, calf, stomach, above stomach, ribs, neck, etc. At the end of the month if you have lost say a 1/2" from those measurements, you add it all together. So even if you lost a half inch on each, you then can report you lost 8 inches. It is such a scam. The whole program is just terrible. If you eat big macs every meal every day for two weeks but two of the days of each week you do not eat anything, you will lose weight too. The shakes didn't taste great, the cleanse drinks were terrible and difficult to get down, basically it is a waste of time. I quit the program 2 weeks ago and I am already back up to the weight I was at when I started. TERRIBLE. AVOID.