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  • Scubanut - All registry cleaners are SNAKE OIL

    Per Microsoft and personal experience, registry cleaner software similar to this one are unnecessary at a minimum and may result in an inoperable system in a worst-case scenario. I've recently been experiencing random system lockups on my Dell workstation and I accidentally contacted some online help service that said they could fix the problems with my registry and other *embedded files* (whatever those are) for a fee ranging anywhere from $150 to $450. They would magically solve all my problems. Just so you know, I have 25 years of Information Technology experience that includes operating systems and hardware repair. Running the Dell hardware diagnostics (press F12 at system boot and select diagnostics) resulted in a consistent system lockup when memory was being tested. Keep in mind that Dell diagnostics does not invoke the Windows operating system, so any claims by those who seek to profit from you that your operating system or your registry is corrupt are likely to be nonsense. They will use fear tactics and technical jargon to confuse you that your system is on the verge of a major breakdown and you better let them fix your problems before things get worse. In my case, a hardware error is the root of the problem and Dell is working with me to solve the problem. I am not saying that operating system problems never happen...they do. There may be a number of causes for system slowness or random lockups ranging from bloatware that you may have downloaded from the Internet, a virus that is on your PC, or driver problems. Engage your hardware vendor or Microsoft before you waste your money on software like this.

  • Amazon Customer - Took some adjusting

    At first i wasnt sold on these, i dont tend to like things sticking in my ears and like more traditional headphone styles that are more exterior. I bit the bullet as i havent seen the kind i like in a long time and wanted wireless so i could do burpees with music while out and about At first i thought these were cutting in and out with the bounce of my running but that seems to have gone away. Soundcomes through pretty smooth now. Have done burpees without it dislodging. For the price, these are pretty nice.

  • Mike - Very good value for money LSAT test prep.

    This a thorough guide to the LSAT and includes online test prep support from the Kaplan site. The key challenge to the LSAT is time as you only have around a minute to answer each question. This means that you have to move from conscious competence to unconscious competence. This is best achieved through practice and being familiar with the test question styles and patterns. While this book is a little shy on the practice papers - there is only one online test offered with this book, in the other parts areas of training it does a very good job offering analysis of over 200 LSAT questions from PrepTests.

  • E'lou - Ho hum... It's a blender, dear.

    I bought their Magic Bullet Blender almost 5 years ago and it's still going. I've never had the first hint of trouble with it or the company until I bought the Nutri Bullet. What a disappointment. It's stronger than the Magic Bullet Blender and has a larger capacity. That's where the advantages end.