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  • Taylor Jacobs - I loved this whitening kit

    I loved this whitening kit. You get everything you need to whiten your teeth and then some. This product comes with two mouth trays, whitening gel, a blue light, and cotton swabs filled with vitamin e. The cotton swabs were what made this product over the top.

  • tristaw - AMAZING

    I'm taking the test a second time since I didn't get in with my first scores. I LOVE IT!!! The test are modeled just like the actual test. If you can't afford the bundle just get the PAT and math section. I also, like how it breaks down on what sections you need to work on. It makes you work harder and it gets you ready for the actual test.

  • Andrew Patrick - J. Cole's Best Album

    Ever since Cole got signed to Roc Nation, I've been waiting to see if he could have an album that was better than his mixtapes. With his first 2 albums, while I did have a good amount of songs that I liked from each one, they paled in comparison to The Come Up, The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights. While I stayed a fan of J. Cole, I have come to the thought that Cole had fallen off a bit as a lyricist. I compare him to a more humble version of Kanye West for this reason, and that is the fact that his beats overshadow his lyrics, even though Cole does have his moments where he can be very deep when it comes to what he's talking about.

  • g-star - PS4 camera can't pickup moves

    I think this game must play better with the motion wand, as no combination of lighting/distance/camera angle of the PS4 camera version plays well. The game switches dancers as it can't get a read on faces moving around. Dancing in-game doesn't seem able to pickup the correct hand doing the motions, unless you are wearing clothing that defines your body (we found white shirts were much more successful). Also, we found wearing a glove that is the opposite color of your shirt can improve the camera's ability to pickup your moves. If you're a perfectionist, though, you will be frustrated.