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  • Love Jones - You did that! Must read

    Onceeee again!! You did that. Wale & Key are my fav couples out the 2nd generation. I felt all the emotions in this book. That's how u know a book good. I wanted to cry with Taz & his daughter & the whole Bleed scene. That scene kept breaking my heart. I literally had to stop reading just to digest it all. This one story I didn't want to ever end. Like U did with Raven & Jah, the different books with the different phases in their life. I wouldn't mind. I want to know how life treating Wale & Key with Corian...what type of investments they went with. I loved that scene when they were in the car outside of Faces. Idk who I would want to read about next. I'm grateful for this novel. It will hold me until u drop something else. I def will be reading it again. I love how u can have ur books run parallel with other stories. I swear this is how u write a book without doing series. But still keeping the characters we previously loved around. It feels like I know these characters...these characters are in their own little H Town world. Great job Nicole. This is a must read.

  • Amazon Customer - this works great. The trampoline-type bottom is very tuff and the ...

    We've had this for over 2.5 years and it's always a big hit with those who haven't sat in it before. It's used in an ocean lagoon close to the equator. We wanted one where you can actually sit in the water to be cooler than sitting directly on hot vinyl; this works great. The trampoline-type bottom is very tuff and the sides are very heavy vinyl. The capacity is 8 but we've had 11+ in it quite easily. You do want to invest $40 or so for a quality electric inflator but it's worth it in time savings to inflate and to deflate all the air so you can re-pack it to a reasonable size. It can be damaged through negligence but even inexpensive repair kits have worked to fix damaged areas and haven't failed to-date. It's heavy but was shippable by USPS when we got ours. Some form of ladder would make getting in a little less awkward but you can work around that and it's usually good for a laugh watching newbies get in the first time.