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  • Bashmentlady - Your own personal sauna.

    I wasn't going to buy this as I figured the belt was good enough. I received a free sample with my belt and figured I would give it a try. OMG. This takes your burn to another level. Using this gel in conjunction with the sweet sweat belt is like creating your own personal sauna. You begin sweating almost instantly and your body heat begins rising within minutes of working out.

  • Nicole - Horrible company, horrible product.

    Scam. The supplements are just fiber, meal replacements and laxatives. You can spend less than 10$ on that. Then the "meal plan" is just protein, vegetables or fruit, and carbs. Obviously the program tells you to exercise- but at the end of the day if you're over weight and start eating healthy/ work out YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE A LARGE AMOUNT OF WEIGHT asap. Customer service is pretty much just a group of people saying sorry for any inconvenience with the product but they can't do anything- this is the reason they have distributors ( to not be liable for anything) so if you're unhappy it's to the discretion of one bulls*** individual who paid $80 to sell some SCAM ass product. Everything about this company is bull- find a different alternative.

  • sherry serrata - Wow loved it

    I just loved this book. I thought it was hot and sweet. I highly recommend this book and can't wait to read another from her.

  • Robert Brys Jr - Good/bad

    Not good for trail riding trees and thorns rip it right apart. As for open track riding it's awesome. Light weight and breathes easy.

  • Ms E R Shute - Personally I couldn't put it down - had to ask my husband to take it to the vet to put it out of its misery

    I wanted to review this book – with my husband’s blessing, I hasten to add – but I am menstruating at the moment and I thought it best not to contaminate the internet while I am ritually unclean. I did consider asking my lesbian friend to ghost-write a review for me, but she was having a date night with her cocker spaniel (oh, the irony!) and I didn’t want to intrude. I tried to contact my Muslim friend to see if he would do it for me, even though I hadn’t seen him in ages, but one of his wives answered the phone and explained that he is out of the country, and that access to stationery is limited in Guantanamo so he probably wouldn’t be able to do it anyhow. Perhaps my step-son will do it for me, I thought. But sadly he never learnt to read and write because his parents had him aborted at 20 weeks and he was always a bit of a delinquent after that. Getting a bit desperate, it suddenly occurred to me: I know, I’ll ask my conservative friend to write the review for me! Then I remembered. I don’t have a conservative friend.