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  • G Man - Great Shaving Cream for Shaving Cream Aficionados

    If you want the best, then, this shaving cream is one of them! It will lather like nobody's business. The scent of lavender is intoxicating. Too bad I have since switched to shaving soaps. I like shaving soaps because supposedly they provide you with a closer shave.

  • Albert King - the text or web access code did not work because ...

    the text or web access code did not work because of previous use. Part of the book selling promotion was it has an access code available with the text.

  • Amazon Customer PAG lover!! - LOVE THE ZIJA!

    I have been trying to get back to all natural things in my diet, and of course trying to shed a couple pounds. I am now a firm believer that the smartmix alone will help you lose weight. I added this to my lifestyle, each morning as a drink in an 8 oz. bottle of water, and wham! I felt more energy and the bonus is, it has helped me lose weight too! I changed my lifestyle in October 2012 to whole grains, no meat, no dairy, no processed foods, no sugar, etc., because soo many things were upsetting my system. I then added things back one at a time to do process of elimination, and then heard about Zija in November. I have lost a total of 30 pounds as of today (1/14/13) and I am certain the Zija help the process quicker. I have never felt better! It is worth EVERY penney!

  • Justin - A must have for PCOS sufferers. Improved mood, ...

    A must have for PCOS sufferers. Improved mood, weightless and the ability to get pregnant. It really works. My wife has gotten pregnant twice because of it when she was told she was completely infertile before.

  • SierraSnow2010 - So Sparkly!!

    I ablsolutley love this !! it is so sparkly. it is a little bit rough texture, but when you put a clear coat on it you don't even notice.

  • cabcad - ESET is the best, IMHO

    very impressed with ESET. I've used quite a few other competitive products, but ESET gets my nod, as well as most other IT managers I work with. Very light on resources, and does it's job well. ESET support is also good.

  • Paulina - Great Side Effects!!!!

    I am actually posting this about my husband who is taking it… but interestingly enough he is not losing much weigh. So why the 5 stars? His mood is positive, upbeat and happy when he takes this pill in the a.m. and when he he doesn't he is in a foul mood. I always ask when he is cranky… did you take your pill and he says no! I can tell immediately when he has not taken it. I'm guessing it's the rhodiola in it which is an adaptogen. I would say that overall this reduces stress and gives you a better outlook on life and THAT is why it helps you to stay motivated to lose weight and take care of yourself. We tend to overeat when we are stressed and unhappy.