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  • R. Ito - 3 stars.

    Hmmm...well I don't know. I have had one since Nov of last year. I don't print much. But this morning I tried to print 3 bank statements and it crapped out. So maybe I got a bum one. I don't know. But I can get a brand new laser printer for about $100. So maybe I do that instead.

  • shae - bad news

    I Bought this thing and what they sent to me looks nuthing like the one in the picture. I think they shippedme something different because they did not have this one and instead of issue a refund they sent the one that goes around your leg and arms. Anyways i figured i wouldnt complain and try anyway i read all the dirrections and all it did was shock me once and didnt work at all anymore. I tryd to call but got an answering machine its taking eveything in me not to loose my cool. This item is a waste of money truley. I ordered a different one and will review it once i rceive it. Pray its not the same situation!

  • romeo - had mine now for maybe 2 years and at first it seemed fine, but as time goes on i began to ...

    didntt purchase this tv on amazon but i think others should have an idea about this tv if they're thinking of getting. had mine now for maybe 2 years and at first it seemed fine, but as time goes on i began to notice an issue with the volume control. picture quality is great now that i have a hd cable box; but it seems if i raise the volume above level 10 there's an annoying vibration. so annoying that almost impossible to understand what's being said on the screen. volume is clearer at a much lower level. got this set at a bargain sale at a walmart . wasnt there to buy a set but couldnt resist the price. all things considered i wish i had. looking for a new set now.

  • rosmsp - Almost perfect...just almost

    So after weeks of waiting for the Wenger to arrive, I finally received notice from the Custom's office. I ordered directly from Switzerland, nothing beats getting it from the source. Turns out that the built in flux capacitor threw them off and because of some stupid rule in the Patriot Act they had to open the box and check it out...who knew.

  • Kay Bennett - Good for long, thick hair like my daughters

    I purchased this product for my daughter because she has tremendous amounts of hair and she does not like to take the time to flat iron. I thought this would be easier for her, but she said that her hair was still fluffy on the ends. I did not try it out myself because I felt I did not have enough hair . It does heat up quickly, but the back of it gets hot that is the only problem. I think once my daughter takes the time with it this brush will do just fine for her.

  • doninfj - I am very pleased with this product

    I was looking for a toner cartridge for my HP 1081 laser printer. Cartridges used to cost about $50.00. The price has now gone up to about $70! I searched, and found this remanufactured cartridge for about $20!. The reviews were very positive, so I ordered it. I've just started using it, but so far, everything the other reviewers said is accurate. I am very pleased with this product, and the very reasonable price. Shipping was fast and secure.

  • S. Cheng - Doesn't work

    I actually have the night, day, and serum. It's only ok. But in terms of it working on reducing the appearance of fine lines, it doesn't work for me. I'm 38 with fine smile lines and lines on my forehead. I've taken before pictures back in December, and nothing has changed. I'm still using the same bottles now, so it lasts some time. I'll probably just use the rest of the product but will not re-buy. I would rate it 2 stars for working on fine lines, but 3 stars for seemingly to hydrate my skin.