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  • Stormey - acapella perfection!

    acapella perfection... Dolly is a Goddess.. Pentatonix is the best acapella group on the planet.. put them together.. and *WOW*...

  • Linda Wright - this book is highly useful on road trips

    This is only for interstate highways, not state roads. That said, this book is highly useful on road trips. Just got back from a 4000-mile, multi-week road trip in our RV and it was great to know how far it was to the next fuel station designed to accommodate RVs, distance to the next roadside rest stop and what services were available at each exit on that day's route. Just knowing where the next Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Cracker Barrel or other business with big enough parking lots to accommodate our RV so we could stop for a lunch break or a nap was highly useful. Yes, we could have found a lot of the same info on our smart phone, but some of the mountainous places we traveled through didn't have cell phone reception.

  • Metnav87 - Great Machine for a student with constant internet access!

    I bought this chromebook for web surfing and schoolwork. This machine does both very well. Ensure you know the limitations of what you are buying before making this purchase. I wanted a laptop I could take with me to school that had a long lasting battery, was fast, and would not break the bank. This machine does it all. I get about 8 hours of battery life on average and I have not seen it slow down for any reason. All my schoolwork is created and maintained in google docs which interfaces with this machine very well. A slight learning curve existed while I familiarized myself with google docs but now I love being able to manipulate/access my work from anywhere (including my cell phone). Not to get off topic but I have grown to prefer google docs vs office products regardless of what computer system I am using. If your requirements do not exceed the limitations of this machine I would recommend it, just know upfront that this is not a platform to play games...

  • Dustin - Could be better

    Not too bad if you use the car seat in the stroller, but with the standard stroller seat I can't easily move the seat to the recline position without moving the organizer and that's with the handle in the furthest up position. I don't think it would be a problem if the kid was facing me. The stroller seems very well designed and I would have thought the UB organizer would have been the same, I have a feeling in a few years there will be a better version.

  • Kaitlin - The board has some kind of film on it and ...

    The board has some kind of film on it and the planchette is cheap plastic. One thing that shouldn't be modernized is a Ouija board. It just doesn't work.

  • Amazon Customer - BUYER BEWARE*********************

    I have a 20000 gallon inground vinyl liner pool. I have had two pool leak detection companies try to find the leak. They both failed. The first application seemed to initially stop, and subsequently slow the leak. A second application seemed to work, until the pump seemed to have been clogged by it. That's the only thing i can figure out, either that or the sealer plugged a pipe. The reason I say this is that I now have about 5% of my normal water flow. Before I used this, the pool vac would work, and the flow was good. Many other people say this has worked, but it definitely has not for me. Maybe i shouldn't have used the entire bottle, but I did so a little at a time, over a period of days. I won't use this again, because now I am going to buy a new inground pool pump, and those things are expensive. Use your best judgement on this, and be careful, or it could potentially cost you more. It's possible that the leak is caused by pinhole ant holes in the liner, but I, nor the leak detection companies know for sure. That was another big waste of money, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • dissatisfied customer - Lousy product

    Lousy product. Don't waste your money. I tried it several times. If you sweat it comes out on your face and clothes.