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  • Amazon Customer - Very happy with these and would highly recommend

    These fit great on my 2015 Jeep Cherokee factory side rails. The "whistling" that is stated in other reviews is due to the track on the bottom of the rails that the clamps move in. There are rubber inserts including with the crossbars that you need to put into this track to reduce the noise. The noise isn't a whistling, its a low pitched whooshing sound. It reminded me a lot of a quiet jet plane. The noise starts at about 35mph and stays about the same all the way up to 75mph. The trick is to put the rubber insert into EVERY spot you possibly can. The long section in between the clamps, and also from the outside of the clamp to the end of the crossbar even if its only 1/2 an inch. Doing this greatly reduces the whooshing sound and my wife said she barely noticed it. They held on great after an 8 hour long trip with a SportRack luggage carrier mounted on them.

  • cam1920 - curiousity

    I read the reviews but still ordered because i know products like this doesnt work for everyone. It felt like it was doing something but i Didnt see a difference after i took it off. I waited till the next morning.. still nothing. Waste

  • Christopher B - Easy to assemble...IF...

    This trampoline is a very nice piece. It also is easy to assemble IF you pay carful attention to where the Door to the enclosure lines up BEFORE you attach the springs. The encolsue was pre-attaced to the jumping surface (which is nice) however the instructions we not clear as to where the door should line up. So after putting everything together and then getting ready to put the enclosure support bars on, I found that the bars did not line up with the grommets on the enclosure. I basically had to start all over... ARGH.... Christmas EVE in the rain....

  • Rose Gooch - Gilmour flexogen makes a great thank you/host-hostess gift

    I recently stayed at a friend's beach house where the hose was crimped and difficult to use (I know as I watered their plants). So, I ordered this hose (I have two 50' ones here where I live), and had them sent to my friends' home. It is an untraditional gift, but much appreciated. It is true, however, that the material used is not as good as in the older hoses. My new ones crimped after a year or two.