BEKO: Inženýring a PLM řešení CATIA, ENOVIA, DEMIA - BEKO engineering: společnost zaměřená na poskytování inženýrských služeb a distribuci PLM řešení CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA

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  • ENOVIA - pro 3D spolupráci - ENOVIA umožňuje inovátorům využívat reálné přednosti datově řízené spolpráce
  • DELMIA - pro digitální výrobu - DELMIA pomáhá v globálním prostředí vylepšovat a realizovat představu o plánování, řízení a optimalizaci výrobních operací
  • Pořádané kurzy a školení - BEKO engineering: providing always "state of the art" technologies and know-how

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    City: 4.9167 North Holland, Netherlands

  • J. Consoomr - Tub Refinishing Kit

    Where do I start? Started with the instructions on the box which are fairly accurate. I started with 150 grit multipurpose sand paper and it definitely would not scratch at all so I pulled out some 400 grit wet/dry automotive grade sandpaper and it worked like a charm. The orange peel surface on the tub only allows to sand the top of the surface and one can still see shiny spots in between. I sanded again and again making sure this project would be a success. After the sanding I washed the tub with comet and rinsed with lime-away as the instructions said. I then rinsed thoroughly with clear water. I taped all around the tub with frog tape and taped the drain with regular masking tape then trimmed around the drain with a sharp utility knife.

  • granite bay kc - reduced side spin

    The 330RX was purchased to reduce spin rate over Titleist Pro V1. It reduced sids spin nicely but did not lower my ball flight. Just might be the Cleveland XL270 hits all balls high.

  • R.H. - Nice, but has a loud fan.

    Runs well, nice screen (though, I had to replace my first one because it had a stuck pixel), plastic case feels sturdy, however, mine is ever so slightly warped in the middle towards the top of the keyboard; just very very slightly bent. I'm fairly OCD about these types of things, but I'm not going to ask for another replacement over this, because it's hardly noticeable. Build quality could still be improved, but the hardware at this price is a good deal.

  • Blessed - In the Air of Night

    I have been a follower of Phil Collins from the beginning when he was with the group Genesis. Once he went solo I became an even bigger fan I loved this song from Miami Vice and loved Phil when he did an guest spot on that show.