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  • Fallon - Company Owner

    I worked with Quickbooks in the PC version for 10 years, so when I switched to a MAc version I knew it would probably take some time getting used to it. Taking that into consideration, what I have found is that Mac does have some work to do to make this program better. The first problem I encounter was not being able to "Customize" Invoices in the Layout Designer. Even after "saving" changes I could not get those changes to appear on my invoices. There seems to be a disconnect between the changes I make and save in Layout Designer and Quickbooks. Upon reading online many others are having problems with this function as well. This is a very basic and necessary function when preparing invoice. Another issue I have is when I want to look at a"Open Balance" report on a specific customer...I can find that report, but the difference between the PC version and the Mac versions is that at the bottom of the Mac version there is no longer a total dollar amount of all the outstanding invoices. If I have a customer with 20 outstanding invoices, I have to total them with my calculator. That is a ridiculous aspect to the program in terms of time saving. In the PC version the total was provided. In generally I feel that many of the reports available in the Mac version require going through layers and layers (also know as filters) just to get to the information I am seeking. I did not find that to be the case in the PC version. And lastly...I found this in PC and Mac versions - when I need to make an address change to a customers account, I can't just go to the Company File and change the address and have it automatically change all the sub jobs/listing. I have to go in and change EVERY listing under the company name. In my company that could be a hundred items listed that need to be changed individually. I also wish customer support wasn't such a long process. Very time consuming to get answers that could be answered quickly if someone was sitting right next to me.

  • Lisa - perfect

    This product is exactly as described. It was shipped very quickly after ordering, and was delivered quickly as well. Everything seems to be as expected and as described in the description:

  • Lostviking - not perfect. I would advise you to purchase this one ...

    The product is OK, not perfect. I would advise you to purchase this one over a much more expensive cover. It is not a direct fit, and is slightly large. I don't see that as a negative. There are three retaining straps you can use, and it comes with both the cable and lock to secure it.

  • Michele Slack - I'm finally willing to wear foundation!

    I have never worn foundation in my life. I hated being able to feel it on there, & I hated the effort of washing it off every night & how long it took to put on. This has solved all those problems. Applying the foundation takes maybe 30 seconds. I don't feel like I have anything on my face at all. Family was telling me how nice I looked, but when I told them I was wearing foundation they were surpised. It looked so natural. And this stuff won't hurt your skin if you leave in on at night. So no big hassle when you're tired & want to go to bed. The starter kit is the way to go; I was going to try just the foundation & was glad I got the starter kit. It's a really good deal over buying the things seperately as well.

  • Crystal - Not Recommended for Windows 8

    I had used Avast on my mobile device awhile back and it was fine so I thought I would give it a try as it's for free. I felt it slowed down my system and as others have pointed it there are a lot of pop ups. I also found it changing things without permissions intrusive. Sadly not what it used to be. I was on Windows 8 at the time I downloaded Avast (have changed to 8.1 since) so perhaps it works better on other systems, but I just didn't care for the direction Avast has taken in its product development.

  • John hinze - Slumber Party Wars

    This book was so amazing the first day I got it i couldn't stop reading it. I love this book so much it's perfect for kids going in middle school. I suggest this book for anyone looking for surprises crushes and juicy stories.

  • marva edwards - Very satisfied

    This product is very good. I bought for my mother who suffers arthritis pain daily. She has done very well, no grimacing or moaning in pain at night, goes to sleep as well. I take occasionally myself for my arthritic joints with excellent results.