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  • Louis W. Corrigan Jr. - Beyond Unimaginable

    I literally couldn't put this book down. And that rarely happens. Yes, the story begins slowly as Lansing has to give us some background on the crew and some context for the expedition, which goes as planned for the first few months. But both the story and Lansing's telling of it become increasingly compelling as the events become more and more unbearable.

  • Kindle Customer - Great Product & Seller

    This remote worked perfect - no dead or missing battery like other sellers seem to have sent, no damage, very easy to program for my 2008 Malibu LT using the included instructions, it is still functioning (even from within my home), and shipping was as expected (reasonable time, reasonable cost).

  • Trish - Hallmark is the best

    I have used Hallmark programs in the past and have been very happy with them. I was not disappointed with this one. As always, it has cards for all occasions and love the sentiments. Very pleased with my purchase.

  • Bargain - Not Bad

    It's almost impossible to get rid of nail fungus by using topical treatment. I didn't want to use oral medication and have tried many topical treatments. Although expensive(some consider it a scam because of the price), this was the only one that had the best cosmetic result. I don't think the fungus is gone but my nail looks much better and is only mildly discolored. The nail is not as thick and no longer coming of the nail bed. Don't expect to get rid of nail fungus by using topical treatment, you can only learn to live with it.

  • Rianda Anderson - I Want One and Yes I am an Adult

    I must start out and state that this watch is cool. When I was a kid they did not have cool watches like that! I was rather jealous but let me digress.

  • Barbara Clarkson - We always enjoy reading the selections although some are a bit obscure

    It is part of a long weekly bookclub reading. We always enjoy reading the selections although some are a bit obscure. But that is what it is all about