Κεντρική σελίδα - Νέα - Ενίσχυση της Υποστήριξης των Ασθενών με Νόσο Alzheimer και των Περιθαλπόντων τους

Country:, Europe, GR

City: 22.9439 Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Massandra - This is incredibly awesome!

    I bought this in order to keep a few things like an iPod charged when I travelled to the middle of nowhere in Alaska for a month and stayed in a cabin that had no electricity. I was worried that being so far north with the sun being so low on the horizon all the time that it wouldn't work well, but I was shocked to find out that it charged my iPod just as if I plugged it into a wall socket. Even if it got fairly cloudy it would work, but a little slower. An iPod needs to receive a certain amount of voltage to trigger it to start charging, so it wouldn't charge if it was extremely cloudy, but the battery pack would regardless of how cloudy it got.

  • Lori - This is my second G lite. I take it ...

    This is my second G lite. I take it through the subway 2ce a day and wouldn't trade it for anything else.

  • matt - Really fun even for those who can't dance (like me)

    If you have a gathering of some friends or even if you just have dance fever this is a must to own! Unlike some other dance games Just Dance 2014 lets you dance even when not doing any of the right moves, and makes you feel like you're amazing at dancing. My friends an I constantly play and have a really great time. The song selection is great, ranging from present day hits to some older classics. Also a great way to get some exercise, the Just Sweat mode lets you dance song after song, and counts the calories you burn. A fun way to burn some calories and socialize.

  • Andrea Sanchez - good read!

    Such an interesting read, specially for a business book. Honestly I'm studying business and dreaded having to read assinged books during my free time, but the fact that this hides the message in a story is perfect!

  • micolearts - Works 4 me

    Perhaps, lass than intuitive, but works for me. Like the ability to create 'what if' budgets. Helps in managing several rental properties

  • Tntawdat - Wireless Charger Best Invention

    This is one of the best inventions ever. I started my search for a wireless charger after my husband came home with the Verizon Qi Wireless Charging Stand. I thought it was a great invention, however; his upright stand makes it a little difficult to make sure the phone is sitting exactly in place to charge properly. There have been times when morning comes his phone is not charged because it was not sitting in the exact position. With the Pleson Fast Wireless Charger, you do not have that problem. You just set it down on the disc and go about your business. I love it. It is so convenient and fast!. I have one on my night stand and purchased another to keep in my office. This is a great produce and a great investment!

  • Rakida McIntosh - Fantastic, Latrivia you did it again

    The book so fantastic, the Medlov men and women keep you intrigued to the very last page. Valeriya and Andriy is a great addition to the gang, and finally good riddance to the bitch. Can't wait for the next book!!👏👏😀😀💗💗