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    Product as advertised and shipping was very good. Installation of these mud flaps was a breeze with no special tools needed but it was necessary to go online to print off the installation directions. install was 20 minutes

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    I try different sun glass and choose this one at Costco. I buy one from costco and find the same glass in Amazon with better prices.

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    These balloons are so much fun! My kids played with them outside after dark and had an absolute blast bouncing them around in the dark. We've used LED balloons before, but never one that lets you adjust the style of light. These balloons have a tiny button at the top that you can press to cycle through the three options: fast blink, slow blink, steady on. This means that they're reusable, too, which the kids love. They turned the lights off and are excited to play with them again tomorrow.

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    I have used H&R Block for years to prepare my is so simple, yet complete. Wonderful and inexpensive way to get the job done...Everyone should go through this process--you realize that preparing your taxes can be fast and affordable. I don't have a very complicated return...S Partnership, small business, and some 1099's--no problem!! Thank you H&R BLOCK!!

  • Amazon Customer - Artist in the House..

    Bought two of these for my sons for Christmas... not big readers but lots of little stories... still getting them to read.... its a full time job

  • Mat Doughty - Easy Installation & it Immediately went to work!

    I had one laptop that I hadn't used on a regular basis for quite a while. When I finally got around to attempting to "clean it up" ... it was truly NOT loving life. I searched around and just wanted to get a low cost antivirus... in hopes it would take care of some of the issues. I decided on this one because for the cost, the reviews were good. I think I made the right choice! It was SUPER EASY to install, and then it immediately went to work scanning and ended up neutralizing quite a few threats. LOL.