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  • Hannah - MUST HAVE for luggage, shipping and storage.

    AMAZING PURCHASE. I had over 100 pounds of clothing to ship across the country and to pack in checked baggage, and these bags were a total life saver!. More than enough bags to fit everything I had, plus a hand pump in case you don't have a vacuum (which also works amazing). No issues with the seals or zip locks, I've reccomended these to so many people!!

  • A. Rios - Excellent buy, I will love VW forever.

    Excellent car, only comparable with other german cars like Audi, less luxury, but solid and turbo engine in all models.

  • Amazon Customer - Registery cleaning software

    I selected this product because it has good reviews, three licenses at an affordable price. Easy to use and takes very little of my time to clean the registry.

  • john p - better than tattoo goo

    This stuff worked great. Got a half sleeve done and this stuff healed it awesome. I tried tattoo goo and its greasy. This stuff is a lotion. I will buy more when I run out.

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    Celestial Signs of Allah, Quran Al Hakeem, Authentic Hadith Compilations, and many more legitimately useful feature and materials for Muslims in one place: Muslim Pro!

  • Dennis G Callanan - ... of Baseball Researchers) I found that it was a great tool not only for fantasy players but also could ...

    Get this book every year for the past 7 years when I was first told about it by a fellow member of SABR (Society of Baseball Researchers) I found that it was a great tool not only for fantasy players but also could be of great value to actual GMs in the real world of MLB.

  • chuck webb - The bag is still in amazing condition yet I no longer use the bag for ...

    I'm a big fan of Timbuk2 products, but this falls waaaaay short. I ordered this to be an insert for a timbuk2 messenger bag that I've had for a decade and has been back and forth with me to Africa on numerous occasions. The bag is still in amazing condition yet I no longer use the bag for work, so I wanted to re-purpose it for my growing photography hobby. Upon opening of the box, my disappointment manifested. This so called "medium" thing is a flimsy thin-walled sad little package not sized to fit any sort of realistic camera system, yet alone a DSLR with more than one tiny lens; no room for filters or any other related equipment. A quick fit proved that it barely consumed more than half of my messenger bag, flopped around because it was too thin, and it was so poorly designed that were I to want to actually use my camera I would have to take this bag out of my other bag, open it fully, extract whatever camera body out of the one of four tiny cubicles, somehow magically produce my lens from the other (you'd have to removing one of the dividers), and then attach whatever straps or whatnot neede to actually use said camera . This bag is only good for a kid taking half of daddy's camera to show and tell in his Jansport backpack, otherwise leave it be.