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  • sc00bydoo - Plug for batteries do not fit very snugly into charger so they fall out easy. It is a good deal for the batterys ...

    Works decent. Plug for batteries do not fit very snugly into charger so they fall out easy. It is a good deal for the batterys but I haven't been successful charing all the batteries at once.

  • Christopher Hassinger - Girls like it!

    I bought a PS4. My fiance wasn't impressed, she actually cursed and said mean things like "you're a big child", "grow up", "now nothing around here will ever get done" I tried explaining games are gonna get beat, trophies are gonna be won, and I'm gonna kill some people online. She did not count that as productivity. I didn't think she would ever come to love or appreciate my PS4, until I busted out this game and let her play it. She now likes the PS4 and wants more dancing games. It's the best game I bought!

  • Kirk Lott - Garbage: Poor Quality, Like Wet Tissue Paper

    I'm a suburban dad. Weekend warrior. About two months after buying these gloves, and using them about 5 or 6 times tops, the seams started coming part. I'm going to guess that Fox has been bought by a Chinese company that doesn't understand brand quality, because they are garbage and likely reflects a steep drop in quality, and downward trend for Fox.

  • Linda D - Xzilon = Snake Oil

    It's extremely interesting that I cannot find my Xzilon review from a couple of years ago. I negatively commented that I'd paid around $1400 - yes a rip-off - and when I tried to file a claim, I was told that paint chips don't qualify unless they are larger than a pencil eraser. Really? So I need to take a pencil to my car to compare dings every day I drive on the freeway?

  • cpa-golfer - Better than expected!!

    I ordered this as a gift, hoping that I would get in a golf bag everything he was wanting. I think I hit the jackpot....I even want to steal this bag for myself! It has the extra putter well, there's slots for every club, there's a grip to load the bag in and out of the vehicle, lots of pockets for easy access, tee storage, and it's a very "pretty" bag!!! Of course, I can't tell a guy it's "pretty", but it is!!! I can't wait for him to open this at Christmas! . . . . . and, by the way, I originally ordered this from a golfing website November 28.....when I still didn't get it on December 15 and never received a reason why, I cancelled the order and found it on Amazon even cheaper than what I had planned on paying, plus got free two-day shipping!! I should have jus ordered through Amazon to begin with!

  • Jacob - Perfect fit!

    I just installed it for my 2013 CRV. Perfect fit. You need to read the instruction first, then check which is front and which side is right or left because the rails are not parallel.

  • Rachel Alfiero - slightly disappointed

    I got the magazine because of Zooey Deschanel being on the cover, and I figured I would give this a try. But I was sort of disappointed with the amount of ads there were. It had too much fluff and not enough articles.