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  • Lito - Great

    I have not experienced any problems with this product. It has been doing exactly what it says it does. I bought it during a period of time that it was on sale. I have it on every device that i own (tablet, phone and 2 labtops).

  • Amazon Customer - Really useful if you know something about accounting

    I was wary of purchasing this product because of the mixed reviews, but the reviews of TurboTax Business were even worse. So I purchased this product because it was only $42 and because I figured Amazon would back it up if the software froze up my machine. $42 is a good price because the TurboTax package is about twice that cost, e.g. $90, and professional software runs about $230. No downside risk. Upside 50/50 I figured.

  • Andy Kowalczyk - Good screen protectors...

    These are thick providing great protection to the screen. Easy to apply, unlike the flimsy thin screen protectors that I typically rip off 5 seconds after I put them on because the bubbles drive me crazy.

  • xerces1492 - Great mid-range bike!

    I got my Trace Sport at Performance Bikes with a white/red/black color scheme (it was a special edition I think). I actually didn't know how to ride a bike before I got this one (go ahead, laugh) but don't be fooled, I've tested other bikes after this one but this is a great bike for the price and I'm really happy with it. It has all the speed of a road bike with the ruggedness (and heft) of a mountain bike. The fastest gear is super-fast and if you're in city traffic you'll find yourself pulling out in front of the car next to you from a dead stop. Along with the fast, smooth drivetrain comes a pair of cabled disc brakes which are extremely useful among Pittsburgh's many hills. Don't touch the rotors after a long, steep descent though. It's a very confident ride especially where potholes are common; this bike handles all sorts of hazards like a champ. It's pretty light as well for everyday commuting but it can't beat a road bike in that department. My only qualm is that the frame is pretty wide to make space for the brakes and since disc brakes still aren't terribly common, you're going to need to spec order some parts (rear racks for instance). Even so, this bike has great value written all over it.

  • Danny L. - Very helpful

    The book has been very helpful and comes with great tips and tricks! It has really helped me improve my speed and knowledge.

  • Alan She - Downgraded glass, heads up!

    The galaxy s7 edge looks great. Every feature is perfectly matched as description. However, they downgraded the glass on the screen. Last year they used gorilla 4th glass, which is hard and un scrathcable. I noticed some scratching on my phone the seconed day of purchase, I hardly even used it. Yesterday I went to see Batmanv.Superman, the phone fell off my pocket when I was seated. My pocket is like 30 cm to the soft ground but the phone did not make it. I thought I should let others know how bad the glass this phone has before they buy it. I like Samsung, but this is just not what they should do to a galaxy phone.

  • Brian Hahn - waste of money and time

    I put this on my deck last august. My wife and I followed the instructions to a tee. We were happy with the results for about 3 weeks when we noticed a bubble in the Restore. This was approaching fall in Minnesota we decided to wait until spring to do anything. I thought I would scrap off the bubble rough up the surface and redo. I was very wrong. Spring is here and the whole deck has bubbled and peeled off. I can actually blow the stuff off with a weed blower. Do NOT use this stuff it is not worth the money not the time.