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  • Suzanne Arthurs - ... in the first 2 weeks - that was a pretty high number so I decided to give it a ...

    Was excited to see 77% of people saw improvement in the first 2 weeks - that was a pretty high number so I decided to give it a shot. It's been well over a month and not one nail has improved. Total waste of money, does not work.

  • Mae L. Lanclos - I wasn't impressed

    I had pretty bad acne in high school, so I was really excited to try the new Proactive skin solution with only 5% of people not getting results. Well, I guess I made it to that 5%. I found it did not help me AT ALL. My skin didn't clear up, and I made sure to follow the directions exactly. In fact, my dermatologist doesn't recommend it at all. I became much better off using prescripton-strength creams that my doctor recommended.

  • Chrisha - Quality Vision Health Vitamins

    I really enjoy taking these Vision Health supplements. They are easy to consume, they don't cause any negative side effects. I feel like my vision has been more focused since taking them and they contain amino acids, minerals and lots of vitamins to ensure many positive vision benefits and qualities. The recommended dosage for these supplements are two tablets daily. I believe that they are very efficient and they contain Vitamin A which gives your eyes much needed support. I would like to thank Vita Strength and Amazon for allowing to try this supplement complementary and I am very satisfied with their results.

  • Sharon Gosling - Hidden (a Bone Secrets Novel)

    I enjoyed this book immensely. I have read most of Kendra Elliot's books and always look forward to the next one. Hidden was no exception. The suspense, relationships between the characters, and intrigue kept me turning the pages until far into the night!!

  • etxmouse - Super Product

    This is a super product for home use. I have found many places where moisture exists that I wouldn't have known about before placing cups of DampRid around. I even successfully dried out my cell phone that got dropped in water over the Memorial Day weekend! Its' easy to kluge up your own containers to put the loose granules into. So I will continue to order this in the large quantities provided on Amazon. It's not easy to find the dry granules just everywhere.

  • James Broniec - Gives me an edge..

    AlphaBrain performance or impact varies widely with those who take it. If you're new to nootropics, I'd recommend trying the 30 capsule offer from Onnit - they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. I've taken AlphaBrain for over a year and use it to maintain a cognitive edge on my competition, and to keep my brain functional for marathon work engagements. The only side effects I've noticed are a noticeable improvement in my sense of smell & a definitive increase in lucid dreaming and dream recall.

  • James Bryan - If you are looking for an application with support you can forget this one

    I bought this thing and attempted to install it on my PC. After several attempts installing and reinstalling I realized I was going to get only the same result. The program crashes every time I try to open it. That is really not entirely bad if I can get some kind of support to straighten things out but it turns out that "support" is entirely non-existent. I have spent the last two days trying to contact customer support to no avail. It quite simply does not exist. Every time I send a message I get a reply that I will get a response by email but I get nothing. I am left here with an 80 dollar application that does not work and can get no help whatsoever to remedy the situation. I have searched through all of their "knowlege" pages and tried every conceivable fix listed with no result. This has to be the most frustrating piece of crap I have ever tried to deal with in terms of software. My every attempt to get support gets more in terms of advertizing for all sorts of games than anything else. In fact, just one such ad would be an infinitely greater response than anything that could be termed as support.