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  • GI Jane - Very good product!

    My hair had been falling out excessively, prior to starting this brand of biotin. It fell out constantly, especially when I washed It. It was falling out to the point that I had to cut 8 inches off because it was looking very thin, and took prenatal vitamins daily. I saw a doctor and dermatologist, and neither one had a solution that I didn't already try, from vitamins, to new shampoo. I knew it wasn't chemical damage causing it to fall out, because I do not color my hair. After about 2 weeks of taking this once every night, I am now losing my hair at a normal rate of 40-100 hairs per day. After 1 month, I now have some new, short hair growth, particularly in the temples, which is very exciting, even though it's gray. I highly recommend this product to the folks with unexplainable hair loss. It can't hurt, it can only help. Added bonus, the product shipped quickly and my nails are much stronger too. I didn't notice any change in my skin however, as some people say that biotin aides in healthy skin. Hope this helps!

  • C. Chandler - Holiday Barbie

    Our adult daughterNlaw has collected these since they came out when she was a little girl. Since she has been a member of our family we have given her one each year. This year (for Christmas 2012) she wasnt as pretty as before. She had that " MAKE ME FOR CHEAP AS POSSIBLE" look to her.... her face wasnt even CLEARLY painted. and her hair was like straw... no attempt at all to make it just look like WIG hair?

  • Forsythpond - Unbelieveable!

    This stuff really works. I've never seen anything before which really can get serious stains out of upholstery, carpet and even fabrics. Spray it on, wait 5 minutes, wipe it off and stains are gone. Even old stains. I've told friends about it and they all agree.

  • Mark Twain - Def help curb appetite. I started a strict diet ...

    Def help curb appetite. I started a strict diet and workout plan and was able to lose 15lbs. It's just the little help I needed to keep me on track. Those times when you know your not hungry and you need a little appetite control during the weak moments.

  • MAREK WIDELSKI - ball is of good quality, but came in a plastic bag

    ball is of good quality, but came in a plastic bag, therefore not a good fit, for example, as a present.

  • summer solstice63 - Great all around ointment

    This product if great for many ailments; (i.e.) fever blisters, nasal congestion, lung congestion. I have also found it works great to temporarialy alleviate arthritis pain. Just rub it on the joint and see if it works for you as well as it does for me.

  • PinkPanther - Great value.

    I've now had this over a year (I think) and still am satisfied with it. For the price, it's sturdy enough I'm not worried about it in car washes or during storms. Surprisingly good at keeping water out. Not the fanciest one on the market, but definitely a good value.