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Country:, Europe, DE

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    I followed the manufacture's directions to the letter. I ran all three tablets back to back. My washer actually smells worse than before using this product. I will NEVER buy this product again.

  • Dusten Williams - Spigen Fans: Don't expect to be impressed.

    I'm really surprised to see the good reviews on this product. As a 4 time owner of Spigen cases, i've come to expect *much* higher quality than this. Although, if you are looking for a cheap phone case that tries to do everything, I suppose you could do worse....

  • Matt Francois - great cube

    Good cube but not as depicted in the picture. A true v cube, with the v facing up and the black side facing towards you would have blue on TOP and orange on left. The only criticism I will give to this cube is that it locks up quite a bit.