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  • KEYJONZ - Replaced My Spin Mop

    Good mop.Never need to touch the wet,dirty mop head.Microfiber strips are very absorbent.Dries quickly,so no sour smell.The built on wringer is very sturdy and really squeezes well.Wringer is textured so it is easy to use.I am happy with this mop.

  • Teemack - Fantastic model

    First of all, I had heard many good reports about this model, although I am not a professional model builder, I was still very interested about the model any way. As a retired professional truck driver, I do build model semi trucks because of the love of trucking. After ordering and receiving this model I was very impressed with the speed of delivery, and even more impressed, once I opened the box. I will say that I have not started the build on this model as of yet, but this model is highly detailed to liking of realism. Thank you Amazon and Moebius for your work as partners to the public. Hopefully in the near future, Moebius will make more model semi's as this one. Gathering up all the paints and other items that is needed, to make this a great build. Thanks guys !!!!!!!

  • Behind Camera - Compassion in High Def

    This is the best TV out there for watching documentaries about starving children. You can really feel their pain.

  • Lisa Lang Blakeney - Itchy Upon Application

    I did a lot of research on mineral make-up. I was looking for a solution that would be fast so that I could look half decent when I drop the kids off at school in the mornings! AFter looking at different companies, products, and infomercials - I decided on bareMinerals because they had a range of colors (I'm african american) and because they had longevity and credibility in the marketplace.

  • Sarah - LOVE IT! and so does the kid

    LOVE IT! and so does the kid. Easy to set up and feels very cozy and very sturdy. It's too heavy for travel, but you could buy the Clek Weelie to drag it around in.

  • Cynthia L. - Good, simple easy to use program

    I first read about this book in the Costco Connection where they had all the success stories. After that I went to Jorge's web site and extensively read all the articles he has posted in his blog and also watched many of the videos with other health professionals and doctors. The plan is very simple and thats what makes it easy to follow. It is low sugar and lower carb but not truly "low carb". It is a way of living that you can stick with and can drastically change your health. I don't have alot of weight to lose but I have alot of belly fat that has accumulated on me thus my interest in trying this program. In twelve days I have lost an inch off my waist. I agree with others that you can substitue items. You don't have to follow his recipes but they are full of fantastic ideas. I, like some others just choose to read labels and eat what I like to eat but I love the idea of taking a potentially bad meal and making it much healthier which he shows over and over. You can make the plan work for you whether you follow his recipes or come up with your own. There are plenty of foods in regular grocery stores that will work you if you just take a little upfront time and read a few labels.