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  • Food Alerts Chats | Advocates for Dr. Sebi - La'Kiyah Muhammad The Hon Min Louis Farrakhan said that u can eat as much garlic as u like ncuz it strengthens nerve endings. Works cited: HOW TO EAT TO LIVE
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  • About | Advocates for Dr. Sebi -   Dr Sebi was born Alfredo Bowman on November 26, 1933. He was born in Llanga which is located in the Honduras. When he came to America he was diagnosed
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  • Videos | Advocates for Dr. Sebi - Quite often while we are thanking Dr. Sebi, he is thanking us and tells us that he listened to us. There is a Dr. Sebi in us all as we listen to one another and
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  • Larry - Dead batteries & inconsistent readings

    Batteries arrived dead, so I replaced them, annoying but not a big deal. One two different individuals, it was never consistent, no matter how closely I followed directions. About 1 of 4 readings seemed to be accurate at all, based on comparison to old-fashioned thermometer that correctly gave me a temperature reading of normal, which is the case. Readings would range up to 2 degrees difference on the same person, same distance, and same location. I did find that aiming it at the ear was more reliable.

  • RaulBooBear - Black/Black/Black (XL)

    No videos or measuring will help you see just how big the XL size Messenger Bag is. It is huge. The main reason I bought the XL size bag was to fit my large 17-inch laptop. It took me a while to find a bag that would fit my laptop. I just put my laptop in a cushioned sleeve and it fits snug inside the laptop compartment.

  • Filippo E Dipillo - Total piece of crap.

    Im in the center of town Less than 6 miles from every local station and only get one! I only want abc nbc fox and cbs.