Adriana Afonso :: Cirurgia Plástica - DRA. ADRIANA AFONSO Adriana é formada pela Universidade Federal do Ceará, com residência médica em Cirurgia Geral no HUWC - Hospital Universitário Wal...

  • Adriana Afonso :: Procedimentos - Dra. Adriana Afonso - Cirurgia plástica - Especialista pela SBCP - Fortaleza/CE
  • Adriana Afonso :: Tecnologia - Nossa tecnologia a seu dispor! VibrolipoA Vibrolipoaspiração, tal como realizado pelo aparelho Vibrofit, consiste na conexão da cânula de Lipoaspiraç...
  • Adriana Afonso :: Clínica - Nossa Clínica Na Clínica, além da consulta com cirurgia plástica, oferecemos Serviço de Fisioterapia pós-operatória, acompanhamento com Nutricionista...
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  • O Verdadeiro Especialista - O Verdadeiro Especialista José Horácio Aboudib: "Cuidado: médicos despreparados estão exercendo a cirurgia plástica" O presidente da Sociedade Brasile...
  • Jornada Carioca de Cirurgia Plástica - Jornada Carioca 2012 Acontece de agora do dia 1 a 4 de agosto de 2012 no Hotel Sofitel no Rio de Janeiro, a 31a. Jornada Carioca de Cirurgia Plástica...

    Country:, South America, BR

    City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • John D. Keator - Turbotax 2014-- gouges!

    Worst software on the planet--gouge you for $30.00 additional money to file then gouge you again for another $10.00 and still can;t file due to claimed form changes! BULL! never again!

  • Jen Quintana - Best soap ever made!

    This soap is by far the best soap I have ever used I will be buying more but the price is a bit high for how small the bars are but for how amazing it works I don't mind the cost my skin feels so much better and not so itchy and it surprisingly moisturized my skin nicely. I definitely recommend that you try this for any skin issues such as eczema or contact dermatitis it's amazing and soothing. Also shopping only took two days.

  • Luvin Tenn - Commuter OtterBox

    Just received and put on my phone and glad I got the black this time. Had a lighter color on my iPhone 6s and it showed a little dirt with my work I do. Great protection and will only use OtterBox on my phones.

  • Kathleen Collins - The best

    This, and staying out of the sun, is my only secret to youth. I must say the Amazon delivered product was not as strong as the expensive $200 version I got in Vegas. Seemed diluted, but still does wonders for my skin.

  • Charles - Great for my needs, a combination of the office and biking

    Some people don't prefer this brown/black color or talked about fading, pick-up of dirt, etc. Also yes it's canvas.

  • Kenneth G. Samson - Juslink Trail/ Scouting/ Game Camera Viewer for Android Devices, Micro Usb Connection, Reads SD/micro SD/mini SD/MS/M2 Cards for

    Juslink Trail/ Scouting/ Game Camera Viewer for Android Devices, Micro Usb Connection, Reads SD/micro SD/mini SD/MS/M2 Cards for Hunting and Game Camera Card Reader

  • Heather - Buyer Beware - won't hang flush to ceiling

    I was so excited to install this light in our baby's nursery. We are extremely frustrated by the fact that the "dome" does not fit over the plate. The IKEA video makes it looks so easy, but there is definitely a fault in the manufacturing, because there is no way to get it to fit. So our light is dangling a few inches from the ceiling. Do not recommend this product.